Non scary Halloween cake decorations – fun cakes for kids and adults

by Kremy


The idea of a cheerful Halloween is particularly suitable for small kids and children. It is true that horror decorations, blood stains, horrifying zombies or scary witch costumes are not the best festive theme for youngsters. Although every year there are tons of offers for cake decoration which look like a creation of Hannibal Lecter, we have chosen to offer you a different and more enjoyable point of view – non scary Halloween cake decorations.

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Children expect every holiday with anticipation and except the trick and treat rounds in the neighborhood you can offer them a sweet treat at home. The array of cake pops, cupcakes, various candies, cookies and sweets are ideal for a kids Halloween party but we all know that a cake is always the star on the table! It is what everyone expects and non scary Halloween cake decorations are the way to go if you plan a party for your children and their friends.


The traditional symbols – brooms, hats, pumpkins, ghosts – all these can be used but in a more appropriate way which is suitable for the age of the kids. You can take inspiration from the images below and order a cake in a bakery or you can bake a cake at home and decorate it together with the children.



Here are some useful tips and ideas for non scary Halloween cake decorations. If you are skilled with working with fondant, you can craft various Halloween characters – from a witch on a broom to mummies.


You can bake a one layer cake and use white frosting to decorate it with cute ghosts. Marshmallow candies will also come handy.

Non scary Halloween cake decorations Halloween party ideas pumpkin pies cake

The traditional color for Halloween is orange, so an orange cake shaped as a pumpkin would be a brilliant idea. Add a few spiders and your cake will be a hit! Check the rest of the ideas in the gallery and have a most enjoyable Halloween party!



Non-scary-Halloween-cake-decorations-two layered cake spiders









cute-Non-scary-Halloween-cake-decorations-party for kids


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