All time favorite Halloween movies for kids and grown ups

by Kremy

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Halloween is a specific and special holiday as it combines things that seem absolutely incompatible – Celtic traditions and the Christian day of remembering the dead, a day that reminds us of he existence of evil spirits and supernatural beings. Isn’t it the perfect time to watch a movie and get into the mood of the holiday? We have collected 15 All time favorite Halloween movies for you and for the kids.

 Cool Halloween movies for kids

best halloween non scary movies for kids Hocus Pocus cute witch movies


Children love movies and many of them are fearless. Of course, you need to carefully choose the movie as per the age and make sure your choice is appropriate. There are many Halloween movies for kids, which are far from scary and spooky, but have a good sense of humor and kids enjoy them tremendously. The list below features movies appropriate for any age and are a lot of fun for the whole family.


top halloween movies for kids casper the friendly ghost


halloween movies for kids halloween town fun movies

 The nightmare before Christmas 

halloween non scary movies for kids the nightmare before christmas

 Casper and Wendy

cool halloween non scary movies for kids Casper and Wendy

Corpse bride

best halloween movies for kids corpse bride


all time best halloween movies Ghostbusters family fun ideas

The Addams Family

halloween movies addams family


Horror Halloween movies for grown ups

all time best halloween horror movies Dracula halloween ideas

Among the wide selection of horror Halloween movies for grown-ups we shall offer you some classic ones that have been a favorite choice for so many people. These movies created legends and unforgettable characters which have been inspiration for make up, masks and costumes. Witches or vampires, maybe something else, something more frightening, something creepier, spookier and horrifying – the choice will depend on you.


classic halloween movies top films beetlejuice scary films

Sleepy Hollow

 Sleepy Hollow best horror movies ideas

  Monster house

Monster house scary movie ideas horror


best ever halloween horror movies IT



all time best halloween horror movies frankenstein halloween costumes ideas