Porsche sunglasses – a combination of functionality and high-tech luxury

by Kremy

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Porsche sunglasses are truly a harmonious combination of functionality and luxury, and not just luxury, but high-tech luxury. Nowadays sunglasses are a fashion accessory that adds elegance and charm. Porsche design offers exceptional models that are extraordinary, minimalistic and timeless. Porsche philosophy is the creation of high-tech luxurious items and each model of Porsche Design follows this credo. Ergonomic forms, high-quality lenses, high-end materials – all these factors make the glasses of this brand a model of technological chic. Porsche Design sunglasses embody the spirit of freedom and life, masculinity, achievements and victory. These sunglasses are bold solutions for people who respect their individuality.

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All models have an elegant, carefully crafted, ergonomic design and original style that combines elegance and dynamics. The range includes models of diverse designs for men and women. It includes models in metal and plastic frames. Due to the lightweight materials, your sunglasses will not cause any pressure on the nose. They are intended for active people who have achieved success and recognition thanks to their talents. It is not a surprise that the brand is the choice of celebrities, famous athletes and politicians.

Porsche sunglasses for men – technical innovations and excellent workmanship

fashionable aviator porsche design sunglasses for men

Porsche Design sunglasses collection for men is an example for the combination of German-style and Japanese and Italian technical production of brand optics. The products are perfectly designed, with a stylish and ergonomic, sporty and slightly aggressive silhouette which will suit any fan of this brand. All metal parts of the frames are made of titanium which makes each model light and durable at the same time. The lenses are made of polycarbonate which is a very durable material which makes sure that the glasses do not split and do not crack. All lenses have a brand anti-reflective coating on the inside, which gives even greater comfort and protects your vision in sunny weather.

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Porsche Design is a men’s brand developing new ideas. The studio was founded in 1972 by Professor Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, the grandson of a talented designer of the most famous car. It is true that most people associate the brand with the legendary cars but under this label a great variety of accessories, glasses, clothes, sports equipment and souvenirs is produced. In every product one can see the pursuit of perfection and the refined corporate style. Since its founding in 1972, the Porsche Design trademark has been aimed at technical innovations and presents products with luxurious shapes made of modern, sophisticated materials.

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Together with a leading manufacturer of optics, the company Rodenstock, Porsche Design creates unique models of eyeglass frames. As we mentioned above, they are made of high quality materials, using the latest equipment and modern technologies. Titanium is one of the most popular materials for the manufacture of frames. In addition to lightweight, it offers strength, resistance to corrosion and is also hypoallergenic. The design of glasses from Porsche Design is timeless. They are beautiful and practical, and the universal silhouettes of frames are suitable for any face shape. Combining excellent quality and functionality, the company is not subject to changeable fashion. Fashion trends come and go, but Porsche Design glasses remain.

Porsche sunglasses for confident, successful men

porsche design men collection sunglasses

Passion, performance, simplicity and accuracy -these are the four elements of Porsche Design brand. Forms are simple and linear and represent the classic modernity. Porsche sunglasses are designed for mature, successful and outstanding men who strive to be first in everything and can appreciate the highest quality, timeless design and the true “sporty” character of Porsche products. The man behind the wheel of a Porsche is confident and successful. He dictates the conditions himself and does not doubt his choices.

When you see Porsche Design sunglasses on a person, you immediately realize that this person is not a victim of fashion, not a shopaholic, he is a true connoisseur of beauty and quality. Just like with cars. The person who drives a Porsche 911 turbo or the more spacious Cayenne does not chase fame and money, he already has it, he knows what he needs, what he is worth and what he wants from life, so he chooses Porsche!

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Porsche glasses come in different collections and a great number of models. For example, the classic Aviator models are the first to have interchangeable lenses. The square shaped models are smart and timeless with clear lines and well thought out details. Sports models are ideal for athletes. They reliably protect the eyes from the sun’s rays and blinding glare. The original cases are lightweight, compact and functional with the same German approach to the smallest details. It is not a surprise but Porsche Design sunglasses suit every person and every face shape. They give everyone solidity and add distinctive individuality to his style.

Porsche Design sunglasses P8478 D aviator

One of the iconic and best-selling models – Porsche Design P8478 is offered in a limited edition 2019 with blue gradient colored, teardrop-shaped lenses. They have a lightweight titanium frame and come with a pair of polarized grey interchangeable lenses. Porsche Design P8478 Limited edition costs 520 Euro.

Porsche Design sunglasses Jenner Kardashian P8478 D

Jenner Kardashian P8478-D is another best seller. The model is with black lens which can be exchanged for a silver replacement lens. The lens are scratch-resistant made of unbreakable polycarbonate and provide 100% UV protection.

Of course, the price tag of Porsche sunglasses is quite high, but it cannot be otherwise. Quality speaks of itself. In short, a Porsche is a Porsche.




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