How to Easily Remove Rust from Stainless Steel Sinks: Make Them Shiny Again!

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As unpleasant as it is, we have to admit that rust occurs on many places in our home. But the one that we don’t like the most is when we see it in the sink, where we wash all of our dishes… So, how to easily remove rust from stainless steel sinks? How to make sure that it will not occur again?

How to Easily Remove Rust from Stainless Steel Sinks: Make Them Shiny Again!

how to remove rust from stainless steel sinks 2023

Most of you will be shocked to find that STAINLESS steel is actually not that stainless. The rust occurs due to high iron amounts in the water. Normally, stainless steel is a metal that composed mainly from chromium, which means that it can easily corrode. With that being said, you have to learn how to properly care for your sink, if you don’t want it looking as shown on the photo. We all want that shiny clean sinks, because we wash our dishes from which we eat on daily basis. Also, if there’s rust in the sink, the entire kitchen begins to look messy and dirty… To avoid that, let’s discover how to get rid of the rust and how to maintain your kitchen sink.

Can Rust Stains Be Removed from Stainless Steel?

Yes! Rust can be removed from stainless steel with methods that you can do at your home. Depending on how much it is, you can remove it with detergents and by rubbing it. But, if the case is severe, you will have to use methods that require a bit more attention and care. Let’s check out what are these methods!

How to Remove Rust Stains from Stainless Steel Sink?

Rust stains can be quite annoying, so keep in mind that you will have to be patient and follow the steps carefully. If you want to remove completely, you’ll have to scrub them, but with a gentle brush. Stainless steel can actually be damaged if you go harsh on the surface. With that being said, find out what are the most effective methods:

With Baking Soda

You know that baking soda can clean pretty much anything, so we are not going to surprise you a lot with this method. First, you will have to mix 1 tablespoon of baking soda with 3 tablespoons of water. This will create a paste, which you have to apply where the rust stains are. Using a cloth or a soft-bristle brush, start rubbing the paste onto the stains. After you’re done, wait for 5 minutes and then rinse it off with water.

If the stains are larger, before creating the paste, sprinkle some baking soda in the sink where the stains are. Wait for a couple of minutes, and then apply the method with the paste.

remove rust from stainless steel sink with baking soda


Use Oxalic Acid Cleaner

If you don’t manage to get rid of the rust with baking soda, then you have to use something a bit stronger. The cleaners that contain oxalic acid are known to be the best ones against rust stains. What you have to do is put on some gloves, grab your cleaner (you can find many brands at your local stores), get your sponge and let’s get started. Some of these cleaners will require a bit of time for them to be activated. Pour some cleaner onto the stains and wait for 5 to 10 minutes. Then using your sponge, rub the stains. Leave the cleaner for a bit more and then rinse off with water.

White Vinegar and Baking Soda

White vinegar is also a great cleaner, if you want to use something natural, instead of buying something from the store. The method is pretty simple, since you will have to create another paste. Instead of using water this time, you have to combine 1 tablespoon of baking soda (depending on how large the stain is, you can use more) and 2 tablespoons of white vinegar. Apply it directly onto the rust stains and start scrubbing with a soft-bristle brush. After you’re finished, rinse off with warm water.

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How to Prevent Rust Stains on Your Stainless Steel Sink?

Now that you have learned how to properly clean your stainless steel sink, you also have to know how to maintain it, so the rust doesn’t show up again. These are the dos and don’ts that you need to follow:

  • Don’t leave your cast iron into the sink, since the rust can spread rapidly. Clean it when it is not hot anymore, right after you used it.
  • Forget about using cleaners that contain chlorides.
  • When cleaning your stainless steel sink, don’t use metal or steel brushes. Instead, use cloths, sponges, or soft-bristle brush.
  • If you have rubber mats that you use for your dishes, don’t leave them in the sink.
  • Don’t use bleach to clean your stainless steel sink!

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remove rust from stainless steel sink dos and donts methods easy at home

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