How To Grow a Rose Cutting Properly? Check Out The Methods Here!

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What is the most beautiful flower according to many? Yes, roses radiate charm and we are all obsessed with them! If you already have a bush of roses, or you are planning to plant one, you have to know how to cut them properly, so they can last longer. How to take a cutting from a rose bush? How to grow roses from cuttings? Let’s find out today!

How to take rose cutting properly? Find out the methods!

how to take rose cutting properly ideas gardening tips

It is proven that roses can actually grow from cuttings. That is why it is really important to know how to cut them properly from the bush, without leaving any damage. We are going to show you what steps to follow in order to turn your cuttings into successful plants.

When do we take rose cuttings?

It is really important to know when exactly to take the rose cuttings. It is recommended to try cutting them in the last days of Spring or the first days of the Summer. Keep in mind that you should choose healthy stems. Once you cut them, you have to put them in a pot straight away so that the roots can be produced in the winter. It is best to choose stems that are as big as a pencil and the flower on them should be fading, since you don’t want to waste them.

How to take a cutting from a rose bush: Step 1

growing rose bush from cuttings gardening step by step


Get your secateurs, which are the best tool for this job, and let’s get started! The tools that you are going to use should be sharp enough and disinfected. If they are not sharpened, this can cause some crushing of the stems, which will then lead to pathogens and pests entering. Choose your healthy, long and strong stem. The cuttings should be about 25 cm long.

Rose cuttings: Step 2

rose cuttings how to grow them gardening advice

For cuttings, a distinction must be made between upper and lower cut. The upper cut should be straight and the lower cut oblique. The cutting is usually 10 cm to 20 cm long and should have three to five well-developed buds located at the base of the leaves. Remove all the leaves from the cuttings, leaving about an inch of leaf petiole.

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How to grow a rose cutting?

how to grow a rose cutting gardening 2023

The planting of cuttings is carried out in a prepared special rose soil or a mixture of soil and sand. Dip the bottom of the cutting with one or two buds into a biostimulant. Plant the cuttings so that one or two lower buds are in the ground. A root will develop from this part.

You can plant the cuttings outside, or in pots as shown on the picture. If you choose to plant them outside keep in mind that the place should be permeable. You should avoid direct sunlight, but also a lot of shade is not recommended. The cuttings we plant outdoors are exposed to external conditions (air and soil temperature, humidity, wind) and must be protected. A plastic bottle is the easiest way to protect the cuttings from these conditions. Cut the bottom of the bottle and place it over the cutting. Place one bottomless bottle on each cutting. Insert a thin stick through the hole in the top of the bottle, which will protect the bottle from being blown over by strong wind or rain.

If you are planting them into pots, then be careful with the height of the pot. It should be not less than 20 cm. Water is the primary enemy of tiny roots, so the bottom must have a drainage layer. Clay that has been expanded is ideal for this use. The pot should ideally be composed of ceramic or clay to better organize the flow of oxygen to the roots. Here you can also use the plastic bottle method, since this will make sure that there is enough moisture.

In both cases, you should water the cuttings well, but not too much, since this can be damaging. If the cuttings are in a pot, just spray them with water 2 times a day.

Can you grow rose cuttings with potatoes?

And now let’s talk about this “myth” as a lot of people are calling it… Can you actually grow the rose cuttings from potatoes? Well, you can check for yourself that it is actually possible! You are not going to grow the actual roses, but rather the roots and then plant them in your garden or in a pot first. Why potatoes you may ask? Because, they can keep the moisture really well. You can watch the video with the step-by-step guide.

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