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Scandinavian design

by Kremy

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Arrangement and simplicity of the configuration, functionality and comfort, calmness and clarity, all this can be collected in one term – Scandinavian design. The image of the distant fiords and tall rocks in the chilly grounds of the Vikings corresponds to the image of a style, where calmness and clarity are basic characteristics, combined with comfort and functionality. The need for simplicity and order is something natural for these characteristics and the style is perfect for designing the interiors of living rooms, bedrooms and Scandinavian bathroom designs are also very popular. The people living in the stern North are deprived of warmth and light and therefore they strive for eliminating these lacks by making warm colors and nuances predominant. They tend to use light-colored natural wood furniture and simplistic shapes, which give the space an optically larger appearance, thus giving a notion of greater spaciousness and better lighting. Reserved decor is suitable for the Scandinavian containment, where simplistic and effective planning is common. These characteristic specifications determine the essence of the Nordic layout.

Scandinavian design living area



In terms of color, white is completely predominant in Scandinavian interiors. It is the platform, the clear background, on which ideas and color nuances are combined. A strict freshness or a gentle elegance – the choice is strictly individual, but the result is always a fresh and open space and a unique home. The most suitable colors to be combined with the whiteness are ice-cold blue, purple, claret, ivory, beige, emerald green. All colors correspond well to white, but red and blue as accent colors are particularly suitable. The color decisions are the most essential element of the outlook.

Scandinavian living space


The furniture requires special attention – the light-colored wood, the silver elements, the mirrors, all this must be related to the principle of symmetry, on which the image of the Scandinavian method is set. And, of course, the main secret of the Scandinavian style – the lighting is of great essence. The brighter it is – the better. The crystal chandeliers, lamps and candle-sticks with unostentatious light will remove any idea of coldness and will bring forth the real beauty of the Nordic concept in our home’s interior configuration.

Text by B. Angelov

Nordic layout




Scandinavian-design-living room interior

Scandinavian-design-living room interior


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