Famous Minimalist Architects – Luis Barragan

by Kremy


Minimalist architect Barragan perceives architecture as a superior act of poetic imagination. He creates gardens, squares and fountains with intrusive beauty, such as metaphysical landscapes for meditation and communication. A stoic perception of loneliness as human fate has made his projects complete. His loneliness is cosmic and his favourite place for temporary living is Mexico.

Luis Barragan-Casa Gilardi



His own house – his most valuable project, is earthen, its garden being a place where one feels inner peace, the temple – a place where passions and desires can be shown. The garden is a myth for the beginning and the temple – one for the past. According to the famous minimalist architect, architecture is a form, which man gives to his life between the two contrasting points. The house and atelier of Luis Barragan are build in 1948 in the suburbs of Mexico City and are an impressive example of the architecture from the period of World War II. The concrete building, consisting of a ground storey and two more storeys up with an adjacent yard area, are a combination of the traditional art and native elements with innovative ideas, which mostly affect the garden’s layout, area and greenery.

Luis Barragan Interior Design


This project is a masterpiece in the development of the contemporary tendencies, integrating traditional, philosophical and artistic elements in one. His work becomes distinctive by the combination of contemporary and traditional elements, which is present even in the garden’s layout. It is no accident that his works have nowadays become architectural monuments. Another project of his is a family house, where horses are bred. An avid admirer of these majestic animals, the minimalist architect Barragan made separate entrances for the horses. Attention to detail is a specific characteristic of his works, his concise shapes giving clarity to the compositions. All this in combination with the Mexican tradition in architecture brings forth some truly impressive artistic accomplishments.

Text by B. Angelov

Architect Luis Barragan House Interior


Architect – Casa Giraldi Interior


Barragan Foundation

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