Here is Everything You Need to Know About Skin Icing in 2023!

by Radost P.

Is icing good for your skin? What are the pros and cons? If you decide to, how long should you do skin icing for your face? Which factors should you have in mind?

How Does The Newest Skincare Trend of 2023 Work? How To Do Skin Icing?

is skin icing bad

If you have been on TikTok recently, you have probably encountered one of those content creators that talk about the benefits of facial icing. Literally a trend right now! Yet, is this skincare routine actually good for you?

Is Icing Good for Your Skin?

Below, we will discuss everything about facial icing, so that you can decide for yourself whether to use ice cubes or not.

Glowing Effect

is skin icing good or bad


It is normal to want to have a radiant skin, yet some products that we buy do not give us the results we are looking for. Since ice can improve blood circulation, the effect is that it makes your skin look bright and well-maintained. 

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Removes Dark Circles

Want to get rid of the dark circles under your eyes? The good news is that there is a natural and effective method that can help you – applying ice cubes onto your under eye area. Keep in mind that you should repeat this process several times before seeing actual results. 

Prevents Acne and Reduces Signs of Aging

does facial icing reduces signs of acne

Facial icing is known to reduce symptoms of acne by minimizing the size of pores and decreasing sebum production.

Reduces Puffiness Under Eyes

If you want to see faster results by applying ice cubes, you could also add black coffee. While swollen bags are caused by different things, including lack of quality sleep, facial icing can make them disappear gradually.

Soothes Inflammation

skin icing soothes inflammation

Due to allergies, rashes, or excessive sun exposure, your skin might feel itchy or raw. Applying ice cubes onto the particular area will constrict the blood vessels and calm your skin almost instantly, providing a sense of comfort. 

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How Long Should You Do Skin Icing?

Experts recommend icing your face no more than once a day, preferably as a morning skincare routine. If you want to see real effects, you should be consistent with this procedure for about a few weeks. 

What Are The Disadvantages of Skin Icing?

side effects of using ice cubes

While facial icing provides numerous benefits for your skin, you can also expect to notice some side effects. 

May Damage Sensitive Skin

If you have a skin that typically gets easily irritated by a variety of stimuli, applying ice cubes onto your face may lead to symptoms of dryness. Besides, in case you are healing from cosmetic procedures, like a laser or surgery, you should not irritate your skin with ice cubes!

Sensitivity to Sun

When the weather is hot, avoid facial icing as a procedure, due to the fact that it can lead to damages in your capillaries and irritation of the skin. This is due to the differences in the temperature.

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