Small master bedroom ideas for a good night’s sleep

Written by Kremena Ruseva

small master bedroom ideas white furniture

Living space if often an issue, especially in urban dwellings. Most city apartments offer limited space and the majority of people have to deal with that. So we come to the question – what is the proper furniture for a small master bedroom? We have collected some small master bedroom ideas to help you with creative examples because space limitation does not necessarily means lack of style and elegance.

Small master bedroom ideas and some basic rules

small master bedroom ideas white furniture miror built in shelves

The bedroom is an important place in every home – big or small. You need to feel comfortable, you need to be able to relax and have a good rest after a hectic day. It is of great importance that you wake up refreshed and not start the day with a stressful beginning in a cluttered bedroom, tripping over objects and clothes. Many modern homes are designed to use space as optimally as possible, and small bedrooms are not an exception. There is no place for despair, as you see, many top designers have added small master bedrooms ideas to help us with this problem. Step One in furnishing a small master bedroom is to get rid of every clutter which diminishes the space even more. Step Two – choose the right color palette. This is very important for small bedrooms. Intense dark colors make the room visually smaller while light or pastel colors open the space. White master bedroom ideas will work much better for a small space. Next thing you need to consider is the proper lighting. Natural light is, of course, the best option, but if you haven’t got large windows, you will need enough lighting fixtures. Modern home lighting solutions offer so many options – recessed lighting, spot lighting, side table lamps, floor lamps, even one big and beautiful chandelier shall be enough to provide the necessary lighting for a small master bedroom.

Small master bedroom ideas and how to choose the proper furniture

small master bedroom furniture ideas wall shelves integrated lighting

Starting with the most important – the bed! The bed should be as light as possible, preferably with lower height and without a footboard. If you want to have a TV in the bedroom – get one which can be wall mounted, so it does not take much of the valuable space. Mirrors will come handy as they are reflecting light and always make the space look bigger. A large mirror near a window will do the trick! Try to avoid carpeting. Use a wood floor instead without any rugs. This is also a small trick which makes the space look bigger. Look at the gallery below and find inspiration in these fantastic small master bedroom ideas.


Sliding doors are a space saving solution for limited room space

small master bedroom wood floor white cream wardrobe

 White furniture complemented by a blue accent wall

small master bedroom furniture ideas white furniture side lamps

Natural light and white furniture make the room look bigger

small master bedroom ideas white furniture natural light vertical storage cabinets

 The tufted headboard is a decorative accent

small-master bedroom furniture ideas tufted headboard white interior

Elegant small bedroom in neutral colors

small bedroom ideas mirror above headboard

White and shades of purple are a wonderful combination

small bedroom ideas purple wall shades

Stylish small bedroom design

small bedroom furniture wood bed headboard bedside tables

small bedroom ideas white color natural light decorative wall

 bedroom light wall color natural light


 master bedroom ideas light blue wall color red accents

 master ideas beige brown color palette

 master bedroom ideas wood flooring wood headboard wall art

 bedroom furniture wardrobe sliding doors

 furniture ideas white side table lamps lantern

 master bedroom suspended ceiling recesses lighting side lamps

 bedroom furniture ideas gray accent wall chandelier

 bedroom furniture ideas floral wallpaper open wardrobe

 bedroom furniture ideas black and white tv cabinet mirror


furniture ideas beige brown colors








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