Soapstone sink ideas – high quality kitchen sinks for every home

Written by Kremena Ruseva

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Soapstone sink ideas feature many interesting design solutions in kitchens decorated in a variety of styles. Soapstone is a popular material for bathroom sinks, kitchen countertops and is a good choice for kitchen sinks due to the properties of the material.

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Soapstone is a metamorphic rock largely composed of talc, magnesium silicate and chlorite. It is an environmentally friendly, natural material, the processing of which does not use hazardous chemicals, dyes and pigments, so it is great for kitchen areas.

Soapstone sink ideas – advantages and disadvantages

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Soapstone sink ideas in kitchen design do look beautiful, but people opt for soapstone kitchen sinks as they offer many advantages. On the first place, soapstone is a practical material and is not susceptible to mechanical damage. Soapstone sinks are an excellent alternative to marble and offers high strength and durability.

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Soapstone kitchen sinks are beautiful, pleasant to the touch, resistant to acids, heat resistant and due to the non-porous surface, they cannot be damaged by water. Another plus from a practical point of view is that soapstone kitchen sinks are exceptionally easy to maintain and keep clean. To keep the beautiful appearance of your soapstone sink you need to wipe it with a soft cloth. Soapstone does not need to be sealed prior installation but if you want to preserve its original appearance you may use mineral oil and treat the surface of your soapstone kitchen sink.

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As a major drawback of soapstone sinks is the limit in color options. Soapstone comes in a variety of black and gray shades. It can be scratched and although soapstone is very durable, it is not as durable as granite.

Soapstone sink ideas – visual appeal and design opportunities

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Despite the limited color options, soapstone comes in a variety of shades ranging from pale green to classic black and light gray. Usually it has a matte finish which makes soapstone sinks an excellent choice for more informal kitchen designs. The fact that the stone is processed easily allows you to enjoy kitchen sinks with different shapes. A soapstone sink looks great in a rustic design as well as in a contemporary kitchen. In addition, soapstone works harmoniously with many other materials – granite, wood, glass, stainless steel and you do not need to worry for the color scheme.

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The neutral black-gray colors of soapstone sinks blend with many color palettes – and a soapstone sink will complement white kitchen cabinets, solid wood kitchen cabinets as well as kitchen cabinetry in soft creamy shades. Combining a soapstone countertop with a soapstone kitchen sink creates a feeling of warmth as the stone lacks the polished finish and shiny surface which are typical for granite surfaces. However, this does not mean that your kitchen will look dated. On the contrary, soapstone countertops and sinks are a great choice for modern kitchen designs and a great alternative when you want to update your kitchen. Enjoy the gallery and the beautiful soapstone sink ideas in kitchens decorated in different styles!

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