10+ Things you should NOT wash in the washing machine: Helpful tips and tricks!

by Gabby

The washing machine is one of my favorite invention of the modern world. I simply love the smell of freshly washed clothes, going through the entire house. We all have our favorite things to wear and caring for them properly is really important. If we want to wear them for a longer time, we have to know what to do or don’t with them. What are the things you should NOT wash in the washing machine? How to make your clothes look the best possible? Keep on reading to find out more!

things you should not wash in the washing machine helpful tips advice ideas

What clothes you should NOT wash in the washing machine?

It can take some time to learn how to properly wash your clothes. There are a few rules that should be followed, if you want to avoid shrunk clothes, damaged lingerie, white t-shirt that will turn pink, etc. It is certain that the washing machine saves us time, so we can do run other errands. However, there are things and specific clothing items that you should absolutely avoid washing in the washing machine. Check out the list to help you out!

what clothes cant be washed in the washing machine helpful tips and advice


1. Clothing with sequence and embellishment

Washing clothes with beautiful sequence and embellishment in the washing machine can do a lot of damages. They will most probably look a lot different afterwards. These types of embroidery are usually very fragile, so it is best if you wash the clothing by hand and then hang them to dry. It is not recommended to use the dryer as well.

2. Bras

The risk of washing bras in the washing machine is that they can damage your other clothes with their hooks, or they can lose their own shape. Again, I would suggest handwashing them and hang them to dry. There are a few tips you can check when washing the rest of your lingerie.

3. Leather

Fake or real leather clothing cannot be washed in the washing machine. Some specialists even recommend to not wash a real leather ever. Leather can shrink significantly when exposed to water. If they have a dirty spot or something, just damp a cloth and try to clean it without any detergent. Another thing I can recommend is to search for a specific place that offer this type of cleaning.

4. Silk

The silk is a very gentle fabric, that takes a little bit of extra care if you want to keep it looking shiny and new. Normally, you should dry-clean the silk material clothing, however if you know how to be careful enough, you can do it at home as well. Handwashing it would be the perfect solution. It is very important to use cool water and a light detergent.

5. Suits

Suits are usually expensive, and they have very structured garments. Putting them in the washing machine can ruin the structure and the shoulder pads, or even the pants. It is best to take them to the dry cleaning place. Ask them to steam them afterwards, since they not always do it by default.

Other things you should NOT wash in the washing machine

things to avoid putting in the washing machine clothes helpful advice housekeeping

Since now we know what type of clothing to avoid putting in our washing machine, let’s find out other items that we should be very careful with.

Things you should NOT wash in your washing machine: Coins and Keys

keys and coins not to put in the washing machine advice tips helpful housekeeping

It is the worst when we forget our wallets or keys in the pockets, and then wash the clothes with them inside. This can cause some serious bad things like breaking them. How to prevent that? Remind yourself to always check the pockets, and other places where these small metal objects can hide. If you have a piece of clothing with a huge metal zipper, also avoid washing it in the washing machine.

Shoes and hats

shoes hats not to wash in washer tips and tricks advices housekeeping

Washing our sneakers in the washer happens very often. However, we should avoid washing running shoes or real leather shoes. The spin cycle can damage them and if there are any glued part, then can fall apart. Same goes for our hats. No matter the fabric, it is best to handwash them.

Throw blankets and pillows

throw blanket pillows do not wash in the washing machine tips and advice helpful housekeeping

Our favorite blankets or pillows can be easily damaged in the washer. If the blanket is made out of wool or cashmere fabrics, they can shrink in the washing machine. I would advise you to dry-clean them or check the tag with more instructions on how to wash them. For the pillows, it depends. If they have decorative elements it is best to handwash them. It is necessary to mention, do not wash memory foam pillows! Check out the rules on how to properly wash your sleeping pillows.

Swimming suits and ties

things not to wash in the washing machine swimsuit bikini ties

Yes, swimwear is designed to go in the water. However, the washing machine is not the place for it. You can risk damaging the bra part, or damage the material as well with the detergent. The best advice is to wash it under running water, right after you come home from the beach, or the pool. How to clean a dirty tie? It is best if you spot-clean them, or handwash them. It is mandatory to avoid putting them in the washer, since they have gentle fabrics.

Things you should NOT wash in your washing machine: Clothes with pet hair

how to remove pet hair from clothes do not wash them in washinc machine tips advice

Putting a piece of clothing packed with pet hair can be damaging for the washer. The pet hair mixed with water tends to clump up. Use a lint roller to remove as much of hair as possible. If you can remove all of it would be the best! Afterwards, you can wash it in the washing machine.

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