Trendy ballet flats: how to wear them with elegance? Tips to look sublime!

by Kremy

Ballet flats have been around for a very long time, as have loafers. In the 1600s, they were all the rage. Then, at the end of the 17th and 18th centuries, they became modern because Catherine de Medici asked to wear high heels at her wedding. However, they quickly went out of style when Marie Antoinette walked to the guillotine wearing heels. Bad luck, huh? Afterwards, the 19th century arrived and with it, comfort. Ballet flats have always arrived in waves. Every 10 years or so, they come back into fashion. Today, with all those chunky sneakers and combat boots, you’d think their time hasn’t come yet. We have news for you: they are back! Let’s talk about trendy ballet flats!

Trendy ballet flats: how to wear them?

ballet flats trend 2023

Let’s be honest: ballet flats aren’t all that versatile. They are quite ordinary and sometimes disappointing when you want to choose original shoes for a special occasion. They are flat as hell and don’t have many shapes. What you see is pretty much what you get. And even if we don’t look very enthusiastic about their (undeserved) rise to the top of footwear trends, like loafers, we’re here to follow them and try to style them as best we can. After all, ballet flats aren’t bad and can even make you look more feminine. Want to know how to wear them?

How to wear golden ballet flats?

ballet flats shoe trend


Gold ballet flats are on trend and they’re hotter than ever! Why gold? If you are a modest person and stick to pastels and blacks, then you need to find out. Draw attention to your shoes by choosing them in a gold color. Match them to your jewelry and your bag, and if you like more neutral clothes, then combine them! When you have golden pieces such as accessories and shoes, your clothes don’t have to be so overdone because it creates nuisance. Dress more subtly to complement your outfit, not spoil it. This outfit is perfect for a night out with friends – at a restaurant, in a bar and even in a nightclub.

How to wear pointed ballet flats?

trendy shoes fall fashion ballet flats

Pointed flats are ideal for working in an office environment. They are elegant, feminine and go with everything: skirts, dresses and pants. You can even wear them casually with skinny jeans (yep, they’re back in style too), tank tops, blazers, cardigans, and even bohemian chic dresses… you want to make your outfit with cargo pants more feminine? Put on pointed flats and match them with your trendy handbag.

Trendy ballet flats 2022: models

shoes trend 2022 autumn

Here are our favorites! Three models from three different fashion brands: Reserved, Zara and Miu Miu! Be trendy and comfortable at the same time!


ballet flats Reserved

This beautiful pair of suede ballet flats comes in bronze brown and costs €25.99. They are perfect for work in the office, outings to the coffee shop and shopping sprees!


ballet flat shoes Zara

Here is the classic image of ballet flats that pops into our brains when we think about them! Buy this simplistic, yet beautiful and extremely comfortable pair from Zara for €49.95.

Miu Miu

trendy ballet flats for women

Miu Miu has always surprised us with its beautiful designs and perfect quality. This pair is beautiful, but it costs much more (690 €) than an ordinary pair of ballerina flats. We know it’s overkill, but we couldn’t resist! Think of it as a fashion investment!

Photo gallery: fall 2022trendy ballet flats

shoe trend 2022 how to wear ballet flats

You can wear ballet flats with everything!

fall winter 2022 2023 shoes fashion

Add some bling to your trendy shoes!

Trendy ballet flats how to wear them with elegance

Brown is one of the hottest fall colors.

how to wear ballet flat shoes fall fashion

Highlight your shoes and make your outfit unique.

fall fashion 2022

You can even wear them with socks!

trendy flat shoes women fashion

How to wear golden shoes and are they too eccentric?

how to wear golden ballet flat shoes

Discover the new collection of ballerinas from Miu Miu!

street fashion shoe trend 2022

Trendy ballet flats: which pair is your favorite?

why choose trendy ballet flats

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