7 Trendy Colors to Wear in Summer 2023 for the Hottest Look

by Kristiyana

Summer is just around the corner, and every true fashionista must be aware of the latest fashion trends. What colors are in style? How to combine them? All important questions that must be answered. Keep on reading to find out which trendy colors to wear in summer 2023! Are you ready to make a fabulous fashion statement?

Trendy Colors to Wear in Summer 2023: Digital Lavender

pantone 2023 color trends

It’s no surprise that this calming and gracious color will be worn all throughout summer 2023. Digital lavender has been predicted to be the color of the year by trend forecasting site WSGN. The beautiful hue is full of positivity and hope. It’s a great choice to wear in summer, as that is when people crave new experiences that can change their mindset. Digital lavender even appeared on the fall 2023 runways. How to wear it in summer? Sport a blazer over a white tank top during the nights, or opt for a fashionable monochromatic outfit in digital lavender.

Butter Yellow Is the New Popping Neutral This Summer

trendy colors to wear in summer 2023


Love to wear neutrals during the summer? Then you will surely enjoy this trendy butter yellow. Butter yellow brings a slightly deeper tone to neutrals. This hue can act both as a pop of color in your summer outfit, as well as a neutral one. How to wear it? Most of the runaway looks featuring butter yellow are purely monochromatic. But if you are not a fan of this fashion style, you can always pair it with whites or beige.

Wear Pantone’s Viva Magenta to Make a Statement

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If you follow the trends, you must know by now that Pantone officially named Viva Magenta as their color of the year for 2023. The eye-catching red-pink color represents pure joy and encourages experimentation and self-expression. Viva Magenta holds no boundaries, hence it is a perfect choice to wear during the free-spirited and wild summer months. How to wear it? Depending on how bold you are willing to go, you can start small by incorporating this trendy summer color with accessories such as a handbag or earrings. For a statement look, wear a striking Viva Magenta dress or such a blazer.

Trendy Colors to Wear in Summer 2023: Metallics

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Some of you may think that metallics are only worn for more formal occasions, but many top designers are here to prove you wrong. A lot of fashion experts make a strong case for wearing silver, gold and sequins all year round. How to wear them in summer 2023? Picture a fabulous long sequins skirt with a plain t-shirt as your daytime wear. Or, if you are looking for a subtler way to incorporate metallics, opt for gorgeous silver strappy sandals. Silver can totally act as your neutral.

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Tranquil Blue to Bring You Relaxation & Peace

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Looking for a serene summer look to enjoy a nice picnic in the cooler hours of the day? Tranquil blue would be the perfect color to incorporate for a breezy and Boho outfit. This shade of blue is also part of Pantone’s color palette for 2023. Tranquil blue makes you think of lightness and clarity, calling to the elements of air and water, and can help you with overwhelming emotions. How to wear this color in summer 2023? Opt for beautiful Boho-style dresses like the one in the image above, or combine it with more vibrant colors like Barbie pink and lime green.

Nature-inspired Lime Green to Bring You Excitement

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Aside from the serene, tranquil blue, lime green is another trendy summer color to wear that can be found in nature. It’s an eye-catching shade of green that is popping all around in statement handbags and shoes. This colour is full of life and excitement, hence it is perfect for summer. A lime green dress would be a great choice for a formal occasion in summer, and you can sport lime green cargo pants as a daytime wear. For a more subtle way, you can incorporate this color with jewellery.

Stylish Fiery Red for a Bold & Feminine Summer Look

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What other trendy colors to wear in summer 2023? Well, fiery red, of course! Red is one of my favourite colors, and I choose to wear it all-year long, the fiery red shade included. This color is all about creating a fierce, yet feminine and stylish look for your summer outings. Red has never been so popular as it is now. Whether you are wearing a fiery red jumpsuit or sporting a flowy dress, you will certainly be catching the eyes of many with this powerful and striking color.

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