Broccoli Haircut for Women: Are You Looking for a New Short Curly Hairstyle This Summer?

by Kremy

What is broccoli haircut for women? It is one of the latest hairstyle trends, perfect for the summer days! Do you have curly hair? This hairstyle for short curly hair is just what you need this summer! Curly hair is real treasure but as many of us know, it can be a real trouble in terms of styling. But it turns out that there is a great way out: the broccoli haircut. Indeed, this hairstyle is more popular among men, yet in 2023 it is gaining popularity among ladies with curly strands.

Broccoli Haircut for Women – A Low Maintenance Short Hairstyle for Busy Girls

broccoli haircut for women gen z haircuts 2023

What is broccoli haircut? As the name suggests, this hairstyle is reminiscent of broccoli florets. Many girls have a desire to shorten their curls before summer, but they hesitate for fear of difficulties with styling. One of the biggest advantages of this haircut is that it is low maintenance and you will definitely minimize the time you spend on styling your hair in the morning. It doesn’t matter if you have naturally small or large curls, the haircut does not require any special styling.

who can wear broccoli haircut short curly hairstyles for women


Who can wear broccoli haircut? We have to point out that this hairstyle works best for oval face, emphasizing the perfect shape and expressiveness of facial features. Due to the fact that the short haircut will practically expose the entire face, it is not suitable for women with wide and square face shapes. If you have a square jaw or protruding ears, this is not your hairstyle because it highlights all the imperfections.

Are You Bold Enough to Try The Broccoli Haircut for Women?

broccoli haircut for women low maintenance short hairstyles

Curly hair has a specific structure and that is why it is more difficult to style. For very tight, as well as twisted curls, the broccoli haircut for women will be a great option. With the different versions of this haircut, you can choose which one will suit you best. Are you bold enough to try the hairstyle despite of the fact that it is a popular haircut for men? If you just think about it, the short hairstyle will emphasize your elegance and femininity, revealing your eyes and beautiful face.

Broccoli Haircut with an Undercut – Short Curly Hairstyle for Women

broccoli haircut with an undercut short curly hairstyle for women

Undercut hairstyles are so underrated among women but broccoli with undercut looks very original. Make undercuts on the sides and allow the curly hair remain on the top of the head. This haircut is bold, stylish, summery and fabulous!

Broccoli Haircut with Shaved Temples

broccoli haircut with shaved temples

Another version of broccoli haircut for women is to have the temples shaved. Most often, it is done with a subtle taper that ends at the top. On the temples you can have an interesting and stylish pattern, which will give make your appearance bolder and more original.

Can You Have Broccoli Haircut on Straight or Wavy Hair?

can you have broccoli haircut on straight or wavy hair

Yes, you can style a short haircut to look like broccoli even if you do not have curly hair. However, in this case, you will have to use a styling tool – a curling iron, curlers, heatless curls, etc.

How to Maintain Your Short Curly Hairstyle?

how to maintain your short curly hairstyle

Of course, you need to remember that hair care is essential. When your hair gets proper care, it is much easier to style it. Use shampoos, masks and conditioners for curly hair. They nourish and moisturize your curls, help with tangles, and make hair more manageable. Usually, short haircuts for curly hair usually hold up very well. If you use a curling iron or a hair dryer, make sure to use a heat protection cream. Apply it to damp hair and blow-dry on low power.

broccoli hair with undercut curly hairstyles afro curls

In conclusion, we have to say that short hairstyles are a huge trend and broccoli haircut for women will be on the rise in 2023. Do you still wonder if short haircuts are suitable for curly hair? Hopefully, the best examples in our article have convinced you to try this haircut and give your curls a lively look!




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