Looking For Trendy Window Treatment? Opt For Perfect Fit Blinds!

by Kremy

What are perfect fit blinds and how are they different from the other alternatives? If you are looking for the ideal blinds, find out the advantages of this super easy-to-install window treatment.

What are Perfect Fit Blinds?

Looking For Trendy Window Treatment Opt For Perfect Fit Blinds

The perfect fit blind system has been developed as a solution for uPVC doors and windows. The blinds are housed in a separate frame that is attached to your window with L-shaped brackets that fit between the rubber seam and the glass. This means you can install them in minutes and there is no need of drilling.

What Are the Benefits of Perfect Fit Blinds?

Benefits of Perfect Fit Blinds


Perfect fit blinds offer a number of benefits, including convenience and versatility. They offer exceptional lighting control and isolation to reduce energy bills and increase privacy. They are also safe to use and great for small spaces and uniquely shaped windows. Here are some of the most important advantages:

Easy Cleaning

perfect fit blinds are easy to install and maintain

These blinds are not only easy to install, but also incredibly easy to clean. You can remove the blinds with the latches and clear the window and frame for a crystal clear view. You can clean the blinds with a vacuum cleaner or wipe the slats or fabric with a damp cloth. When you’re done cleaning, simply put the blinds back in place.

Safe for Pets and Children

trendy window treatment ideas kids and pets safety

These blinds also provide exceptional pet and child safety. The blinds are operated with tabs so there are no cords or pulleys that could be dangerous to children or pets.

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Superb Lighting and Insulation

blackout window treatment

Most types of blinds have minimal gaps between the edges of the window which allows a small amount of light to enter the room. Due to the fact that Perfect fit blinds fit right into the window frame, they are the ideal option if you need black out blinds. In addition the design is great for keeping warm in the winter and blocking out the heat in the summer.

Ideal for Non-Standard Windows

modern window treatment solutions

Some rooms have non-standard size or oddly shaped windows. Perfect fit blinds are the ultimate window treatment solution as they are made and cut to fit the window frame. The blinds are ideal for to tilt and turn windows as they move with the window.

Easy Installation

perfect fit roller blind modern window treatment

There is no need of drilling or screwing to install your perfect fit blinds. The installation will not damage the uPVC frames and will take about 10 minutes.

Sleek and Stylish Window Treatment for Any Modern Home

Sleek and Stylish Window Treatment ideas

Perfect fit blinds are a great way to add style to any room. They are available in a variety of colors and patterns to suit your interior. You can choose very light and transparent fabric which will let natural light in and at the same time block the view from the outside. Blackout fabrics are ideal for bedrooms or nursery rooms as they provide complete privacy if you need to sleep during the day.




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