A triangle dining table – the convenience of the unusual shape

by Kremy

beautiful triangle dining table glass table top

Dinner tables are different: oval, rectangular, square, with carved surface, the list could go on. A triangle dining table can be described as a small piece of furniture with smooth lines and at the same time with a clear contour. To many people a triangular buffet is a rarity. However it looks wonderful and will be a perfect decoration for any dining room.

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Some people believe that a triangle dining table is not functional as it can accommodate less people. This is only partly true since the number of diners will depend on the size of the piece. Triangular tables are the perfect solution for small areas, whether in the kitchen or in the dining room. They provide comfort and convenience without cluttering the space and leaving enough room for movement.

awesome triangle dining table modern dining furniture ideas

Triangular dinner table without sharp edges looks elegant and beautiful and certainly adds style to the interior. A small piece in a triangle shape is especially convenient for a small family of two or three people. If you wanted to entertain guests you could opt for a triangular transformer, which turns into a comfy dinner counter in just a few minutes.

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When choosing a triangular dining table beside the size you need to consider the material. The market offers various designs and different materials. A glass top looks spectacular, does not block the light and enlarges the space visually.

modern room stainless steel triangular glass top

They are appropriate for both modern and traditional interiors. Solid wood is a traditional choice but you have to be careful as it may be quite heavy. If you need to be able to move the piece easily, MDF or other lightweight materials are recommended. Different materials have different stability but remember that your table has to fulfill its main purpose – to provide a functional and practical place to have your meals.

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