Turkey Leftover Recipes – Quick and Easy Comfort Food Ideas

by Kremy

Whether you roast a turkey for Thanksgiving or Christmas, chances are the you will have quite a lot of leftover meat. Waste-free cooking is the trendy craze of our time which is quite understandable, isn’t it? You paid for these products, so it’s better to use them instead of throwing them into the bin! Here we’ve gathered four easy turkey leftover recipes to make a quick lunch or dinner in no time!

Turkey Leftover Recipes – Be a Part of the Zero Waste Trend!

turkey leftover recipes 4 quick and easy ideas

Tender poultry meat is a great base for a quick dinner or appetizer. Just add seasonings, vegetables, pasta, mashed potatoes, rice or cauliflower rice and you can create a fantastic new family favorite! The best? You can use the ideas and prepare these recipes not only with turkey, but with chicken, duck or any other poultry!

Turkey Leftover Soup Recipe

turkey leftover soup recipe

Soups are dishes that everyone associates with the warmth of home. Everyone can prepare tasty, hearty, healthy soups that will please all members of the family. You can be as creative as you want and use not only leftover turkey meat, but vegetables that you have available at home, at any particular moment. Carrot, onion, leek, celery, zucchini, haricot beans… the list may go on and on. Find our leftover turkey soup recipe here!

Turkey Leftover Pasta Bake Recipe

turkey leftover pasta bake recipe

Pasta bakes are a variation of casserole dishes. Who doesn’t love pasta! This is the perfect base for numerous dishes and transforming leftovers into something delicious is a piece of cake! Do you need an easy recipe for your turkey leftover meat? Try this delicious turkey leftover pasta bake recipe!

How to Make a One Pot Leftover Turkey Pie?

turkey leftover pie recipe

Pies come in so many varieties… They differ from casseroles, as pies are prepared with pastry and filling. The dough can be yeasted, puff pastry, or plain. You can even substitute the dough with mashed potatoes as in Shepherd’s pie, for example. But if you are looking for an easy one pot recipe, check out this leftover turkey pie!

Leftover Turkey Stroganoff Recipe – a Light and Healthy Dinner Idea

leftover turkey stroganoff recipe

Beef Stroganoff is a classic dish and is prepared all over the world. But let’s be creative and give free reign to your culinary fantasy! We have an easy leftover turkey Stroganoff recipe that will make everyone happy!


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