Unfinished hardwood flooring with a seamless and natural appearance

by Kremy

unfinished wood floor natural look hardwood flooring ideas

Hardwood floors are a timeless classic and a top choice for many homeowners. Unfinished hardwood flooring is installed without any finish on it and the wood is in its raw state.

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Unfinished flooring has both advantages and disadvantages and we shall give you a quick review and important tips.


Advantages of unfinished hardwood flooring

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One of the main and most valued advantages of unfinished hardwood flooring is the appearance. It provides a unique and beautiful look to the home decor and offers a wide variety of flooring options.

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When choosing an unfinished wood flooring, the homeowner can pick different species of wood, color, grain or even create combinations of different wood.

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You could choose the color, the finish or the style of the floor and give it a more rustic or more modern appearance. Many people combine different kinds of light wood or create original combination between light and dark wood colors.

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Of course, there is always an option to use a finish which keeps the natural appearance of the wood or customize it in a way that it complements and completes the interior of the room.

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An unfinished wood floor provides the opportunity to create different patterns and designs, to enhance the color of the wood or blend the floor into the room design.

Disadvantages of unfinished hardwood flooring

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There are two main arguments against unfinished hardwood flooring. If you want your floor to be in a good condition it needs to be sanded and finished.

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The process is time consuming and requires a few extra days to obtain the desired result. Another feature considered as a disadvantage is that the process of sanding creates a lot of dust and requires a special equipment.

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Finishing the wood floor after being installed may cost more due to the additional activities – sanding and finishing.


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