Home art studio ideas – an opportunity to break the rules of design

by Kremy

inspiring home ideas how to design art studio

Are you an artist? Are you fascinated by art and feel the need to express yourself? Have you thought of designing your own studio? This is just the right place for you as we shall show you great home art studio ideas and will offer you some tips for the design and decoration.

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The best thing about home art studio designs is that you can neglect all of them! After all this is your personal artistic space and you can do whatever you want. The most important in the design is to make you happy, to please you and inspire you. It is most desirable that you have a separate space which expresses your individuality and creativity.

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If you want to demonstrate your unique style – by all means, do so! Sometimes you have to combine the available space and divide a room into a home office and art studio. Although it may seem a challenge to arrange different interiors such combinations provide a lot of design opportunities.

contemporary home office art studio combo large windows skylights wall shelves

There are many home art studio ideas which you can use as guidelines. Light is of greatest importance for every artist so you have to have as much natural light as possible. Large windows or skylights are the perfect light sources. Additional lighting is essential for the evening time so think of suitable ceiling light fixtures as well as task lighting.

contemporary attic art studio design ideas natural light wood flooring

Consider the flooring as sometimes art can be really messy. A wooden floor will add warmth to your space but you have to protect it against spills of solvents and paints. Floor tiles are very practical and easy to maintain so they are a good option too.

home art studio ideas creative storage solutions

You will need a working area and convenient storage. Wall shelves are the perfect solution to store pencils, brushes and plastic containers with paints.

rustic style large windows tile flooring wood ceiling

large art studio ideas wood ceiling skylights white wall color

attic ideas large windows natural light

white walls wood ceiling skylights

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 wood floor patio doors

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 attic room ideas windows skylights

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