How to create a fabulous nautical dеcor – colors, accents and details

by Kremy

how to create nautical themed interior tips ideas colors

Do you love summer, sea and the warm sun? In this case you will be inspired by the fabulous nautical dеcor ideas that we have gathered for you. Not everyone has a house on the beach or along the coast but you could decorate your home without much effort and bring the romantic atmosphere of sea to your home.

Nautical dеcor ideas – choosing the colors

nautical theme interior decor ideas home decorating ideas


Blue is the typical color for nautical decor. It has a calming effect and when combined with white, looks especially attractive. You can use the blue color for painting the walls or limit it to curtains or shutters. However, blue and white are not the only colors which will help you create your maritime ambience. Beige and white – the colors of sand, ropes and sails – are a successful combination which adds a natural feel to the interior. Bright red accents enhance the main colors and attract the attention. Stripes are very popular for the marine themed interiors. Select striped wallpapers or paint the walls in stripes. Vertical lines visually raise the ceiling while horizontal stripes “shrink” space, so they are not suitable for small spaces. If that is the case add stripes in the upholstery of the furniture or the decorative pillows.

Nautical dеcor ideas – accents and details

nautical theme home decoration ideas lighthouse boat model

For an authentic nautical dеcor you need to choose the right decorative accents and items. Maps, anchors, wheel, lifebuoy, hourglass, copper lantern lighthouse, surfboards, portholes are traditional maritime symbols and can be placed anywhere. A globe and models of sailing ships are also a good idea. Stones and shells you gathered from the beach during the summer holidays, starfish, mussels – all these items will add to the dеcor and the theme of the room. Ropes can be used in many creative ways. You can tie a rope around vases, pots, table legs or chairs. Curtains made of a fish net in which shells, starfish and colorful pebbles are entangled is a fantastic accent. Get inspired by these nautical dеcor ideas!


stripes white blue colors striped carpet

An eye catching compass rug

compass rug design blue white interior yellow sofas

 Neutral colors and materials in a maritime themed interior

decor neutral colors white beige solid wood coffee table white sofa

 The striped carpet matches the sofas and armchairs

decorationblue white striped carpet blue sofa set white armchairs

Sofa pillows with nautical motifs

decoration pillows sea theme

 Accessories and decorative items add the beach atmosphere to the home decor

decor theme sea shells starfish lanterns home decoration

 Blue and white are the typical colors for nautical interior designs

fantastic nautical interior design living room decoration

living room decor theme white color boat model

white walls shutters table boat models

blue white stripes chair upholstery lanterns boat model

living room interior design beach house style

beach theme lanterns white sofa blue pillows

accessories anchor rope beach style intrior

elegant nautical interior design ideas blue white big boat model

cute decor house entry blue anchor lantern

dining room decor blue and white colors floating shelf

theme interior decor blue white colors anchor wall


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