Lanterns with maritime flair – Summer decoration ideas for your home

by Kremy

Summer window decoration ideas lanterns driftwood

Invite summer into the house by making beautiful decorations with sand and shells. If you arrange these in a glass lantern, you would achieve an extraordinary effect. These beautiful summer decoration ideas will provoke associations for beach and dreams of your long desired beach holiday.

Summer decoration ideas on the railing

Summer decoration ideas lanterns shells candles


Beautify your lanterns with shells and give them a wonderful maritime flair. Fill in wide-mouthed glass vases with sand and decorate with various sea shells and starfish. Add a candle in the middle. If the shells are in different colors, shapes and sizes, then the decoration is even more interesting.


Summer decoration ideas with sand and wind lights

ideas rope sand candles

Summer decoration ideas with real marine resources are very light and diverse. Glue seashells and driftwood pieces on a ring. Fill a bowl with water, gravel and floating candles. Glue small shells on the outside of the lanterns. The possibilities are endless. For an even better effect play with the different heights of the lanterns. In a group they look much nicer than alone.

Hanging lanterns filled with sea glass

hanging lights white furniture


Lanterns with shells

Summer decoration ideas vintage lanterns shells starfish


Lanterns on ropes

Summer decoration ideas hanging lanterns different sizes


 Tray with lanterns and sea shells

Summer decoration ideas lanterns starfish stainless steel blue

 Beach decoration and staircase lighting

Summer lights lanterns sand stairs candles


 Candle lanterns decorated with sunflowers

Summer decorating ideas lanterns candles sunflower inside

 Table decoration for garden party in the summer

Summer decorating ideas lanterns candles coral


 Idea for decorative garden lighting

Summer decorating ideas lanterns various sizes

 Decorate lanterns with sea glass

Summer decorating ideas lanterns candles starfish sea glass


 Lanterns at various heights

Summer decorating ideas candles clam shells gravel

 Summer window decoration

Summer decorating ideas lanterns stainless steel coral shells


Summer decorating ideas white lanterns balcony driftwood

Summer decorating ideas lanterns coral white


Summer decorating ideas lanterns candles beach

Summer decorating ideas home candles starfish sand


decorative candle holders maritime flair shells

Summer wedding starfish



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