Valentine’s Day crafts for kids – ideas for small gifts, cards and an educational game made of hearts

by Kremy

Homemade gifts for Valentine’s Day are always a great idea, because nothing conveys affection and love more than something you made with your own hands especially for your loved one, even if it is a simple greeting card. But not only mom and dad like to celebrate Valentine’s Day, the children also want to make their parents happy and express their love on Valentine’s Day. Help them to make something nice for this special day. We have a few suggestions for Valentine’s Day crafts for kids to inspire you!

Valentine’s Day crafts for kids – DIY cards with heart balloons

Easy Valentines Day crafts for kids ideas DIY card with paper hearts

The first idea is actually extremely simple, especially if you are using a heart punch. Then even the little ones can make a Valentine’s Day card. Depending on their age, older children can draw hearts and then cut them out or cut out pre-drawn or printed ones and then just glue them. The card is ideal if the children are making a letter for Valentine’s Day and want to “wrap” it nicely. It can be glued or laid wonderfully into the card.

Valentines Day crafts for kids card with a letter inside instructions


The card itself can be made out of any craft cardboard. So you choose the color yourself. Wool threads are suitable for the strings of the balloons, but straws (real) are also suitable. You start with these after folding the paper once to get the classic card shape. Apply a line of glue and glue the straw in place. Next, repeat until you get the amount you want. Then punch or cut out hearts in different colors. You can glue them on like they are or fold them in half beforehand and glue them to the fold to create a 3D effect. For Valentine’s Day crafts for kids it is best to use liquid craft glue, because the quite small adhesive areas can be fixed better than with a glue stick, for example.

Practical ideas for Valentine’s Day – crafting and learning at the same time

Game for Valentines Day craft ideas with hearts to learn to count or arithmetic

Valentine’s Day crafts for kids are undoubtedly great fun. But if they result in a nice educational game, it’s all the better. In keeping with the theme, this Valentine’s Day craft idea for kids is all about hearts. They can be used to practice counting or, with older children, arithmetic. How to make the Valentine’s Day game with kids:

  • Construction paper or cardboard
  • clothespins
  • Hearts made of felt (bought or homemade) or made out of paper

DIY Learning game with colorful hearts made of paper and felt

Draw big hearts on the construction paper. This works both freehand (they don’t have to be perfect) and with a template that you print out and cut out beforehand. With a template, even smaller children can help to transfer the outlines to the paper. Then glue the felt hearts onto the clothespins. If you don’t have felt hearts, you can of course make paper hearts by cutting or punching them.

Now write numbers on the big hearts for a counting game. The child has to put the specified number of clothespins around the big heart. For older children who are just learning arithmetic, you can write down simple equations. The child then has to put clothespins with the result. By the way, you are welcome to make this game with children in kindergarten or elementary school for Valentine’s Day.

Chocolate candy flowers

Valentines Day gift with Lindor paper flowers

Chocolate candy is a delicious and romantic gift – this is one of the super fun Valentine’s Day crafts for kids. Making flowers for Valentine’s Day sounds really creative and like a great gift idea. You can make such a pretty bouquet if you want to make nice little things for Valentine’s Day with the children. Lindor was used, but of course you can also choose any other chocolate candy. It is only important that these are wrapped separately so you can make the idea for Valentine’s Day with children:

  • Craft cardboard and watercolors or already patterned or plain cardboard
  • paper straws
  • Glue, scissors, pencil
  • Lindor or other chocolates

Valentines Day crafts for kids ideas DIY Chocolate candy flowers

Take a piece of cardboard and paint one with shades of green and the other with shades for the flower. You can also use plain paper and save yourself this step. Then cut out leaf shapes and round flowers. Place a chocolate candy in the middle of the back of a flower and trace the contour. Cut out this circle so that the flower gets a hole in which you can later put the candy. You can make the hole a little bit narrower just in case, so that the candy will fit later.

Chocolate candy nicely wrapped in a flower as a valentines day gift

Now place a straw on one of these flowers and glue a second one over it, back to back. Add two leaves per flower. Then the candy goes into bloom. You can also fix them with a little glue just in case.

DIY Paper heart to hang

Heart shape with red crepe paper for hanging card and decoration in one

How about making a hanging heart for Valentine’s Day with kids? Cut out the base from craft cardstock in the shape of a heart. The edges don’t have to be perfectly straight as they will be covered with crepe paper later. Therefore, this task is also suitable for children. Cut out strips of red, pink and/or purple crepe paper. For this purpose, you can use masking tape to make the task easier. But of course other paper is also suitable (e.g. tissue paper or parchment paper). Cut out a paper heart, punch holes in it as well as the base of the heart and hang the small one inside the big heart. Glue the paper strips to the heart frame. If you want, you can write a nice message on the little heart.



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