Walnut kitchen cabinets – classic, traditional or modern?

by Kremy

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When people talk about modern kitchens they hardly think of natural wood. Gloss finishes and bold colors are much more popular with homeowners and designers. However walnut kitchen cabinets are timeless and never go out of fashion as they are perfectly blending with any design style and any color. Natural wood adds tons of character to any space and we will show you how magnificent walnut cabinets look.

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Choosing the right furniture for your kitchen can be very interesting, and yet not quite simple, especially if you do not often deal with furnishings and it is always a good idea to consult with professionals. Walnut kitchen cabinets can be seen in the catalogs of many manufacturers and are offered in many styles – country, classic, modern, traditional, industrial, Scandinavian, etc. Natural wood gives a classic look to the interior, it is very pleasant to the touch and adds coziness and warmth to the interior. If your kitchen is equipped with the latest technology, multi-functional and well furnished, the most tedious job will seem more pleasant. Walnut is very strong, very stable and its colors may vary from chocolate brown to yellowish. It has an open grain, which means the texture is unique and your cabinets will look amazingly beautiful.

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Physical and mechanical properties of wood can be characterized by parameters such as appearance, density, ability to absorb moisture, hardness, and many other indicators. All these properties are important because in every kitchen there are different activities – food preparation, dining, there is a great deal of water and vapors, so you need the best quality, especially in this room. When it comes to choosing walnut cabinets, people have a choice between solid wood or veneer. It all comes to the cost, after all. Wood veneer is a cost effective option as walnut is an exotic and scarce wood and quite costly. Walnut veneer will help you get the rich and exclusive look of the space without spending a fortune.

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