What’s the Dirtiest Place in Your House? 6 Germiest Areas and How to Clean Them

by Kristiyana

I can’t be the only one who does an annual grand spring-cleaning of the whole house, right? With the coming of the warm weather and the blooming flowers, we all deserve a fresh start from the hard and cold winter we just had. What better way to do this than by making your living area look anew? Finally getting down to those grimy windows, washing the carpets and throwing out items that you haven’t used in the last year (golden rule). But often we may overlook some places that need to be cleaned in our homes… It might even be the dirtiest place in your house, but you’ve skipped cleaning it so many times now that you don’t even think about it! Which are the dirtiest places in your home and how to clean them? Find out now.

The dirtiest places in your house & how to clean them

dirtiest place in your house and how to clean it

A lot of areas can be neglected when you are cleaning your home. It’s normal, most of tend to focus on the big stuff like the washbasin or the kitchen cabinets. But if you have decided to go for an extensive cleaning, you must make no excuses! With a few easy tips and tricks, every part of your home will look spotless and be germ-free in no time. But which areas will require your attention the most?

What’s the dirtiest place in your house?

Unfortunately, it’s not only a single place that often gets overlooked when we clean, but a few more. The list includes your coffee maker, kitchen sponge, the keyboard, mouse, screen, and surfaces of your working area, all knobs, switches and handles, the shower head and the area around your toilet. The list goes on, but these are some of the places which we use every day, hence they gather the most dirt and bacteria.

How to clean them properly? Just keep on reading to find out!

Dirtiest place in your house: The coffee maker

cleaning coffee maker


You might be surprised, but the coffee maker in your kitchen is one of the places with most germs in your home. As this item is used every day, bacteria like mould and yeast can develop. Not only that, but hard water deposits and oily residue can build up inside the pot and reservoir of the coffee maker. A simple natural remedy for deep cleaning your coffee maker with white vinegar and water will get rid of these issues in no time.

The kitchen sponge as a home to a lot of bacteria

Well, this right here is no surprise. I myself try to change my kitchen sponge as often as possible, as I easily get disgusted by it. Cleaning experts point out that if you notice a musty or mildew smell in your kitchen as soon as you walk in, it might be coming from the sponge… Ew! The sponge which we use for washing dishes every day can be home to numerous bacteria. How to clean it? Make sure to run it through the dishwasher once a week. The sponge should be replaced at least every new month.

How often should you clean your working area?

what's the dirtiest place in your house

If you work from home like I do, then you probably have noticed how fast dust and dirt develop in your working spaces. You spill coffee, write on your keyboard while eating a sandwich and the place turns into a breeding ground for germs! To keep them clean, make sure to wipe down each surface every few days. For the electronics like your keyboard, screen and mouse, you can wring out the excess liquid from a disinfectant wipe before cleaning them with it to avoid any dripping moisture. For your desk surface, just proceed with the wipe as usual.

Sometimes we forget about the knobs, handles, and switches

Typically, when you are doing a deep-cleaning of your home, you think of the big parts like the living room and bathroom floor, kitchen countetops, etc. But we don’t think of the door knobs we frequently touch every day, the light switches and probably the dirtiest place of all – the toilet flush handle. These places have the biggest opportunity of all to attract germs. Luckily, they are easily cleaned! As you clean the rest of the house, just dip a microfiber cloth in a cleaning detergent and wipe down all the door knobs, handles, and switches you have.

Dirtiest place in your house: The shower head

white vinegar to clean shower head

You scrub the sink, toilet and tiles, but few of us ever think to clean the shower head in our bathroom. In some cases, if you take a closer look at it, you will see that some of the holes aren’t shooting out water any more. The reason is that with time, the holes in the shower head have got clogged with mould, soap scum and mineral deposits. How to fix this? To clean your shower head the right way, you can soak it in a simple natural solution of equal parts hot water and vinegar. If you can’t remove the head, wrap a plastic bag with the solution around it. Leave it for a few hours.

Don’t forget to clean around the toilet bowl!

The toilet bowl is one of the places in your house that must never be overlooked. And this goes for all parts of it! If you look at the area around your toilet bowl, you will discover how dirty it actually is. How to clean it properly? You can create a solution with one cup of baking soda, one cup of table salt and one cup of oxygen bleach. Apply the mixture onto the area. This will loosen up the dirt build up. Leave for an hour and then wipe away with a damp cloth.

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