What Smell Scares Bed Bugs? 5+ Solutions to Eradicate Them

by Kristiyana

Bed bugs are the fear of many people. And given the anxiety caused by several reports of infested schools in France, we need to talk about it! These small, unsightly insects are a real scourge, sometimes very difficult to eradicate. How to recognize them? Where are they hiding? What are the most effective methods to get rid of them? What smell scares bed bugs away? Which one attracts them? How to protect yourself at home as well as on the train or the metro? An expert gives you his answers!

How to Detect Bed Bugs in Your Home?

how to detect bed bugs what smell scares them away

A domestic scourge, bed bugs are relatively visible to the naked eye. Flattened in shape and brown in colour, these unsightly little creatures are most often encountered in the bedroom. But rest assured! They don’t jump or fly. On the other hand, they feed on blood and can sting up to 100 times in one night, causing excruciating and sometimes unbearable itching. These bites look like mosquito bites. Small black dots left on your mattress, your slots or slats in the box spring can indicate the presence of bed bugs. Ditto for blood streaks on the sheets that are the result of squashed bed bugs while you sleep. They love to hide in dark and inaccessible places. Additionally, they grow very quickly. It is enough to bring back a single female to give rise to an infestation. That is why it is crucial to get rid of them as quickly as possible!

What Smell Scares Bed Bugs Away?

what smell scares bed bugs away ways to get rid of them


While some smells, like bleach, white vinegar, isopropyl alcohol, and tea tree oil, scare away bed bugs, others attract them. This is particularly the case for heat and carbon dioxide that you release when breathing. Buzzing and dirt are also important factors that can explain a possible invasion into your home. To eradicate them or, better yet, prevent them, thorough cleaning and regular changing of sheets are required. Likewise, you can also rely on the following natural repellents!

Essential Oils

do bed bugs hate the smell of lavender essential oils to scare away bed bugs

When these unwanted intruders invade your room, the usual solutions can be either burdensome or too expensive. No need to invest in chemicals to keep bed bugs away from your property! Several essential oils are very effective against this plague. Among the most popular are clove, tea tree, aspic lavender and java lemongrass. Here is our bed bug repellent recipe to scare them away once and for all!

  • 20 drops of tea tree essential oil
  • 50 ml of water in a spray bottle

Spray the mixture on infected areas and remember to shake before each use. Ten drops of clove essential oil will also do the trick.

Be careful, though, this natural bed bug repellent is prohibited for pregnant women and small children!

Baking Soda

Baking soda can also help. Powdered or diluted in water, sprinkle it around places where insects can nest and wait. Repeat the procedure a few days later. Please note: it is important to remain vigilant for a period of 2 months after treatment to ensure the total eradication of this plague.

White Vinegar

what smell scares bed bugs white vinegar baking soda

Thanks to the acetic acid it contains, white vinegar is a product that bed bugs cannot tolerate. In addition to the smell that scares them away, white vinegar has the power to destroy their shell, thus leading to their death. The same goes for bleach and isopropyl alcohol. The only downside is that all these odours will not eliminate bed bugs in one go. The treatment must therefore be repeated every week, or even every few days.

Coffee Powder

what smell do bed bugs hate the most remedy with coffee

Like baking soda, the smell of coffee scares away bed bugs. To benefit from it, two variations are available to you: either sprinkle the infested area with coffee powder, or dilute it in a little water, then spray the corner with it. Repeat the process a few more times and wait for the insects to absorb the coffee.

Isopropyl Alcohol

bleach white vinegar smell that makes bed bugs run from household rooms natural tips

Bed bugs hate the smell of isopropyl alcohol. Pour a little into a spray bottle, then spray the affected areas and wait. Be careful, the smell is really strong. So remember to ventilate the room well. Repeat the procedure every week for optimal results.


Unlike other methods, this one does not involve spraying the infested areas with bleach. In fact, it simply involves regularly disinfecting your home with bleach in order to prevent the appearance of bed bugs.

What Smell Scares Bed Bugs: The Little-Known Miracle Tip

miracle tip against bed bugs home remedy with diatome earth

Finally, here is the miracle product that knowledgeable gardeners and chicken farmers use but don’t tell us about: diatomaceous earth. Choose the non-calcined spray version, as it is less toxic, and spray the infested corners. You can also put it where bed bugs pass through. Be careful though, just like bleach, diatomaceous earth should not be inhaled.

How to Protect Yourself from Bed Bugs on the Subway or Train?

how to protect yourself from bed bugs how to prevent bed bugs tricks home remedies

Bed bugs can get in anywhere, at home, on the subway and on the train. So, during your vacation or your daily trips, avoid putting your belongings on the floor and armchairs – the favourite places of bed bugs. Hotels are not spared from this scourge either. In the hotel room, check the bed, walls, wardrobe and other closed furniture. When returning from a trip, never put your suitcases and bags on the bed or sofa! Take out your belongings and examine them carefully. Wash your clothes and clean your travel bags with a steam cleaner. Be aware that bed bugs hate heat and cold. To get rid of them, you can also place your infested clothes in the refrigerator. In short, there are several simple but effective ways to fight against this scourge.

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