What Tree Repels Mosquitoes? Here Are 5 Species Especially for You!

by Kremy

How to enjoy your green spaces without being bothered? What tree repels mosquitoes? Which one to choose from our top 5? Make your choice!

What Tree Repels Mosquitoes?

what tree repels mosquitoes 5 varieties for your garden

Summer is still here! Take advantage of the sun’s rays to recharge your batteries before the start of the new school year! Unfortunately mosquitoes are also part of the party and can ruin your fun. Luckily, some trees naturally repel them. You would be wrong not to take advantage of our selection of 5 tree varieties that are enemies of these insects.


eucalyptus leaves repel mosquitoes


If your soil is rather damp, with stagnant water, eucalyptus is a good option. Indeed, it loves water, drain the soil and drive away mosquitoes. In addition, this tree also has the following advantages:

  • pretty evergreen and fragrant foliage
  • the decorative aspect of its bark
  • an imposing size for certain varieties

What more can I say about it? Eucalyptus adapts perfectly to a Mediterranean climate and encourages fruit production, as its flowers attract pollinating insects. That is why having one at orchard borders is a good idea. Finally, it is essential to stake it so that it does not uproot itself at the slightest wind during the first 5 years. Some varieties of eucalyptus, mainly those grown in pots, need to be pruned regularly.

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mosquito repelling trees osmanthus

Osmanthus can be both a shrub or a tree, depending on the species. It is easy to plant and maintain. Its small flowers a distinctive scent, similar to that of the jasmine that blooms in spring. As Osmanthus is resistant to pollution and diseases, you can take advantage of its repellent properties even with smaller species by growing them under your windows, terraces or balconies. We do, however, recommend thick mulching around the stems before winter and covering the leaves with a good winter veil for the more cold-sensitive varieties. In this way, you can keep your tree without worry!

What Tree Repels Mosquitoes? Asimina Triloba (Pawpaw)

pawpaw tree against mosquitoes

The Asimina triloba is a small tree in the Annonaceae family native to North America where it is called pawpaw tree. Easy to grow, the pawpaw tree reaches 20 feet/6 meters high or more, for 6 to 9 feet/2 to 3 meters wide. It blooms in spring with pretty wine-colored flowers. Later, it produces papaya-shaped edible fruit, similar in taste to bananas. Very trendy in an ecological garden, this tree does not need any treatment against insects because its leaves have insecticidal properties. With the pawpaw you can say goodbye to mosquitoes!


neem tree to repel mosquitoes

Neem is a tree native to India belonging to the family Meliaceae. It is generally grown in tropical and semi-tropical regions. Its fruits and seeds are the source of neem oil. Neem is easy to grow and adapts well to all types of soil. In addition, this Asian tree is fast-growing, culminating in flowering in June. Plant one in your garden to take advantage of its insecticidal properties and get rid of insects such as mosquitoes. Some people even burn the leaves of this plant to repel mosquitoes. Finally, this tree is often used to restore poor soils. A good choice for your green spaces!

What Tree Repels Mosquitoes? The Tea Tree

what tree repels mosquitoes tea tree

Let’s finish our top 5 with the tea tree. As it is used to growing in swampy areas, it is particularly suited to moist soil. The tea tree usually reaches a height of between 13-26 feet/4 to 8 meters in height and has white flowers grouped in spikes which bloom in summer and look like a feather duster. The tea tree is easy to care for, but you must be careful not to let it get cold. Last but not least, the tea tree’s fragrant foliage has made it a fashionable aromatic plant in recent years. Thanks to its insecticidal properties, mosquitoes are, for your greatest happiness, kept away from your green spaces and your home. And what if you also took advantage of the benefits of tea tree essential oil? In our opinion, you’ve got everything to gain!

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