What Is the Italian Bob Haircut? – 15 Ways to Style the Trendiest Hairdo for Fall 2023!

by Stephanie Yankova

If you’re someone who religiously scrolls through TikTok for at least an hour a day (guilty!) you’ve probably stumbled upon the latest aesthetic trend – the tomato girl. This girl is dreamy and soft, an Italian poem in a physical form. If you’re not ready to let go of your European summer, there’s only one souvenir you need – a head-turning Italian bob haircut! Enough daydreaming – BECOME that effortlessly stylish and mysterious girl today with a simple hair chop!  

Italian Bob Vs French Bob – What’s the Difference?

italian vs french bob louise brooks raffaella carra

Coined by the hairstyling duo The Hair Bros, the 60s-inspired Italian bob pays homage to some of the most iconic hairstyles of that time. The Italian singer Raffaella Carra was the first one to popularize this haircut and, thanks to TikTok’s time capsule superpowers, it’s coming back with a bang! According to The Hair Bros, the Italian bob is characterized by:

  • A neck gazing length, which allows the hair to be tied up.
  • Ability to be worn in any parting regardless of hair texture.
  • Volume and chunkiness at the ends.
  • Minimum upkeep requirements.

The French bob, on the other hand, gives its wearer a completely different experience. A classic example of this 1920s hairdo would be actress Louise Brooks’s super short chop. A French bob is much shorter than the Italian bob. It’s usually paired with blunt or choppy bangs and soft layers that add dimension to the cut.

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Who Does the Italian Bob Suit?

caramel italian bob haircut middle part blond money pieces


Because of its structured silhouette and long length, the Italian bob is incredibly versatile and can be altered to suit almost anybody! It can be worn straight, curled, in beachy waves, tied up, or down. With minimal effort, you can transform it from a casual everyday hairdo into a more elegant and professional hairstyle. However, if you want to pair it with bangs, it would be best to consult with a professional hairstylist. They will be able to help you choose the most suitable bangs for your particular face shape.

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Italian Bob Haircut Ideas

brunette italian bob haircut curled ends side part

The classic Italian bob haircut has only one length and sits right above your shoulders. If you have naturally straight hair you can either let the cut take up its own shape or use a straightener to slightly curl the ends of your hair inwards. For a more casual and effortless appearance, sweep your hair to one side and use a medium-hold hairspray to add some texture.

Angled Italian Bob

angled italian bob haircut lowlights summer 2023 hairstyle trend

Typically, angled hairstyles have soft layers that become gradually longer the closer you get to the face. Because the Italian bob is a one-length haircut, here this effect is created by cutting the hair at a sharp angle. This way you’re going to keep the rounded effect of the cut at the ends while also achieving a volumizing A-line. This is a great way to adjust the Italian bob to people who have a small and rounded face, as it will help elongate your features.

Italian Bob with Soft Waves

italian bob haircut middle part soft feathered hairstyle

If you want to achieve a more romantic appearance, you can use hair rollers or curling iron to give your locks a soft, wavy texture. The curled back front pieces of your middle-parted hair will open up and frame your face in a really flattering way. If you have a more narrow forehead, this styling will bring more attention to the middle section of your face and give you nice, elegant proportions.

Bright Orange Side-Swept Wavy Italian Bob

wavy bright orange italian bob haircut side part

Another stunning way to style the Italian bob is to use a blow dryer and a round brush to create more voluminous and effortless curls. This technique is especially good if you want to part your hair in a different direction from your natural parting. When you’re styling your wet hair with a blow dryer it’s much easier to achieve this result without needing to use a bunch of texturizing and fixing products. Also, did we mention that the Italian bob looks great in orange? Just in time for the upcoming fall season, this bright orange shade would be an absolute show-stopper!

Short Sleek Italian Bob

sleek chin length italian bob summer hairstyle trends 2023

If you have an elongated oval face with sharp facial features, and you want a hairstyle that’s going to give you the ultimate femme fatale demeanor – look no further! The sleek short Italian bob screams big boss energy! It’s alluring, elegant, a bit mysterious, and very intimidating – definitely not for the faint of heart! If that’s not enough to convince you to give this look a try – it’s also incredibly low-maintenance and requires 0 styling to look flawless every single time!

More Stunning Italian Bob Haircuts

wavy layered italian bob choppy bangs modern haircut 2023

Root Smudge Blond Long Italian Bob

root smudge blond italian bob haircut trendy summer hairstyle 2023

Layered Curled Italian Bob with Side Swept Bangs

simona tabasco layered curled italian bob haircut 2023

Wavy Italian Bob with Layered Bangs

wavy italian bob haircut short layered bangs

Long Italian Bob with Micro Bangs

giorgia soleri long italian bob haircut micro bangs

Half Up Italian Bob

half up tied back italian bob hairstyle summer 2023

Long Italian Bob with Blunt Bangs

long italian bob blunt bangs modern summer hairstyle trend 2023

Long Blond Italian Bob with Side-Swept Bangs

blond long italian bob haircut side swept bangs

Short Italian Bob with Blunt Bangs

blunt sleek italian bob haircut blunt bangs


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