White floor – create a beautiful, clean and elegant look in your home

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advantages and disadvantage of white floor in home interiors

A white floor makes the space look light and more spacious and the interior – more elegant. The times when white floors evoked associations with a hospital operating room are long gone. Nowadays we see a lot of exceptional flooring in pristine white or off white shades.

The huge appeal of white is in its elegance and purity. It emphasizes restraint and nobility of minimalist interiors, grace of antiquity, brilliance and luxury of high technologies. White color on the floor contributes to a change in geometry – the room seems to be filled with air and the bright surface increases space. This effect is enhanced when combined with walls of the same shade.

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A white floor can be used in almost any interior style. It can be a spectacular accent or a backdrop for darker or brighter compositions. The white palette contains cold and warm shades, which allows you to use them for creating different visual effects and atmosphere. Of course, you need to choose the right finishing materials. We shall look at the pros and cons of white floors, the type of materials and of course, how you can use this element of home interior in the different rooms of your home.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of white floor?

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Why choose white flooring? What are the advantages and disadvantages? Of course, like with any other type of home interior features, this type of flooring has its pros and cons. Many homeowners and designers prefer dark floors as they are considered classics in home decoration and there is an opinion that white color on the floor gives the interior a less expensive and luxurious look. Nevertheless, everyone admits that white floors visually expand the space and the rooms look more spacious, especially if the floor is not covered with furniture.

  • As we mentioned, white color reflects light and this is the perfect choice for small rooms and for the interior design of rooms where access to natural light is limited.
  • Another major advantage is that white color creates a feeling of lightness and cleanliness. It has a calming effect and helps relieve stress after a busy day.
  • Dust is not as visible on a white floor as on a dark one. This property of light colored floors allows you to reduce the number of cleanings necessary to maintain the neat appearance of the room.
  • White color is neutral and can be combined with any other color which allows numerous combinations.
  • Using different textures and materials, light colored floors are suitable for almost any style of interior.
  • The main drawbacks are the need of maintenance. Yes, we said that dust is not as visible as on a dark floor, but all other types of dirt are clearly noticeable and require an immediate removal.
  • Light floors will require more frequent cleaning.
  • All kinds of damage, such as chips, cracks, dents, scratches, stand out much more on a white background than on a dark one.

White floor – shades and color combinations

Modern white kitchen design minimalist interior ideas

We shall look at the most popular floor materials below, but before that we have to look at something important which many homeowners overlook – the type of finish. Whether you will choose a glossy or a matte finish will depend mainly on the design concept, the function of the room and of course, your personal preferences. Do not forget that the texture of floor cover can change the appearance of the room. For example, tiles with glossy finish reflect light and visually increase the room while matte floors will add coziness to the interior.

The market offers a large selection of white flooring in a wide variety of shades.

  • Cream
  • Milk
  • Champagne
  • snow-white
  • vanilla
  • Ivory

You can choose one shade or combine different ones and you will see how the interior and the atmosphere of your house will be transformed. White is perfectly combined with all representatives of the color wheel and shades of gray and black.

white wood floor and black wall color dining room design

Black and white is the classic color combination. If this duo seems too bland, add red as an additional color. Luxurious red, for example, fits perfectly in a black and white company. Combining white with orange or yellow makes the room look sunny and bright. White and blue is a combination associated with nautical décor and many people find it especially fresh. Green and white is another color combination that adds a feeling of energy to the overall appearance of the interior. White shades combined with brown tones are another classic which is especially calming.

How to choose the flooring material?

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White floors in interior design are getting more and more popular. They are elegant, beautiful and fresh and create a cozy and calm atmosphere. The variety of shades allows you to implement the most daring and unusual design solutions. White floors emphasize the refined taste and style of the owner of the house. How to choose the material for your flooring?

The main rule for choosing finishing materials is their compliance with the interior style and purpose of the room. The main types of materials for flooring are as follows:

  • Natural wood – it retains heat and gives a feeling of comfort when walking barefoot. Without any doubt, this is a great choice for any interior.
  • Tile is a practical, durable and waterproof material. Floor tiles come in a variety of sizes, shapes, textures and colors. Glossy options add chic and sleek shine to the room while the matte finish makes the room cozier.
  • Laminate is a budget friendly material which has many advantages. If that is your choice, make sure you buy high quality laminate.

White floor create a clean and elegant look in your home

  • Vinyl – this is an affordable waterproof flooring material that is easy to install as a DIY project. However, it is not environmentally friendly and it is not suitable for nursery rooms and children’s bedrooms.
  • Epoxy floor – the solid surface of this floor is resistant to mechanical stress. These floors are even with a seamless look.
  • Carpet is a cozy and soft material. This is a great choice for the nursery, bedroom or living room.
  • Paint -A simple but no less interesting way to finish your floor.

White floors in interior design – tips and ideas

white laminate affordable flooring options

A white floor perfectly complements interiors in any shades. It makes delicate colors more vibrant and neutralizes excessively saturated tones. Light colored floors can be used in any room of the home.

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In the living room, a white floor will emphasize the respectability of the main room in the apartment. Usually, this is a room furnished with voluminous furniture like sofa, armchairs, stools, etc. The light color on the floor will make bulky furniture pieces look lighter and more elegant. The choice of material depends on the design concept. For example, whitewashed wide plank and parquet are a good choice for classic, rustic, Scandinavian or eco-styled interiors while laminate and tile are suitable for modern styled homes. The lights of a large chandelier reflected in the glossy surface of the flooring will double the amount of light in the room.

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In the bedroom a white floor has a calming effect and will make the room an ideal place for relaxation. Some homeowners choose white walls and furniture as well but to others such monochrome designs look like a hospital ward. It is best if you add warm tones with textiles and accessories so that the room looks more inviting and cozy.

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White floor in the kitchen is not the most practical, but very effective idea. In the process of cooking and washing dishes, the floor will inevitably be attacked by water and greasy splashes so it has to be resistant to moisture and staining. Suitable material for the floor will be tile, laminate.

bathroom decoration white floor freestanding tub vintage vanity cabinet

White floors are hugely popular in bathrooms as most often this is the space that needs visual expansion. In addition, this is the place where the feeling of freshness and cleanliness is especially important. The best choice for the bathroom will be tile or porcelain.




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