Why Are Cyclamen Flowers Falling off? What Are the Conditions in Which the Plants Thrive?

by Kremy

There are varieties of cyclamen that bloom almost all year round. Others bloom magnificently for four months, from September to March. It seems like nothing can tarnish this beauty. And one day something strange happens. Why are cyclamen flowers falling off? Is it your fault?

Cyclamen and begonias accompany my entire childhood. Their “status” on the windowsill in the small entrance hall created a colorful, welcoming, warm atmosphere. The cool, light-filled environment kept the plants healthy. As temperatures rose, the cyclamen lost their leaves and flowers and only came into bloom on cooler days. I was reminded of this today when I asked myself the question “Why are cyclamen flowers falling off?”. What are the conditions under which the plant thrives?

Why Are Cyclamen Flowers Falling off and Is This An Alarming Sign?

why are cyclamen flowers falling off fading color as a result over watering or dry soil

This is not the plant’s only problem. Its flowers may fade in color due to overwatering or dry soil. In window boxes and pots, this is how we’re used to seeing cyclamen. And since it blooms in cool weather, we wonder how to prolong its flowering. We’re sensitive to every inconvenience the plant shows. Why are cyclamen flowers falling off? Why are the leaves of my cyclamen turning yellow? How to water it?

Providing the right temperature, watering moderately but sparingly, and taking care to prevent rot: this is the care that cyclamen require if they are to please until at least May, and beyond. If the flower is pampered, but the problem with falling flowers persists, look elsewhere for the reasons.

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How Long Does Cyclamen Flowering Period Last?

why are cyclamen flowers falling off


In the wild, spring flowering can be seen on the Mediterranean coast, where winters are cold but frost-free. Everywhere else, cyclamen is usually grown as a houseplant or late-season bedding plant because it is not hardy and needs protection in winter. It should flower for about six weeks in winter and spring in a cool, bright room away from direct sunlight and a heat source (a stove or radiator). When feeling hot, cyclamen prepares itself for sleep, o if the indoor temperature rises above 64F/18°C, it must be taken out to a cool, but sheltered place.

When and Why Are Cyclamen Flowers Falling off?

why are cyclamen flowers falling off provide good fertilizer rich in potassium

Cyclamen is one of the most difficult plants to care for. That doesn’t mean you can’t combine it with crocuses and hellebores. On the balcony or windowsill, it looks good next to geranium, although the latter has other association favorites. Is it possible to keep cyclamen always in bloom? Yes, it is possible by providing the right fertilizer once a week. You will ask which one. Of course, the one that enriches potassium and is balanced (20-20-20), by alternating it with banana peel, coffee grounds and eggshells, you can prolong the flowering of cyclamen. For new buds to bloom, wilted flowers and leaves must be removed, as well as any stems showing signs of rotting. This is part of regular pruning.

Excessive watering will cause rot. And if the soil is too dry, flowers and flower buds will quickly drop off. Overwatering is the most common way to kill cyclamen. If you want your plant to bloom again the following fall, you will need to leave it dormant over the summer, reducing watering.

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What Is the Suitable Pot Size for Cyclamen and Is It Important for Abundant Blooming?

how to recover an over watered cyclamen plant medium size flower dense foliage

Nurseries usually plant cyclamen in medium-sized pots. This is important for tubers which should not remain damp for long. When purchasing cyclamen, pay attention to the leaves and flower buds. The foliage should be dense, thin and free of stalks and soft, drooping or mottled surfaces. Underneath, look for small buds. If this is the case, you can be sure of a long blooming season:

At home, the flower will feel at home in a place where the sun bathes it with its rays for only a few hours of the day. I have already written that heat puts the plant to sleep, which may be one of the reasons for flower drop. Water with standing water and be careful not to overwater. It is recommended to keep the soil moist during the flowering period. Drying out will make recovery difficult.

how to save cyclamen end of august dormancy period bigger pot

A larger pot size than the previous one will be needed at the end of August when the plant is expected to emerge from dormancy. Good drainage is mandatory.

To summarize: make sure that cyclamen receives light, but not heat, that it is watered moderately without soaking the tuber, that its pot has good drainage and is of medium size.

If these conditions are met, the flowers should not fall off.

when cyclamen flowers fall off

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