Why should you use email marketing for your business?

by Kremy

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With the rise of social media and instant messaging, we may have the idea that email is in decline, but nothing could be further from the truth. Email is growing every year, with an increasing number of new users and messages being sent, so it is a very relevant and current means of communication.

Email marketing is a mass email tool used for commercial purposes, and it is surprising how much it is present in most marketing plans launched by companies of all sizes and sectors. The reason is that it is very effective, and it yields amazing results.

How do you know email marketing works?

Why use email marketing for your business

One of the virtues of email marketing is that all actions are recorded, the metrics that the managers used for the campaigns report the minimum action of the subscribers, so there is no doubt about the results.

In addition, there are studies that have been conducted by specialized companies that identify the email marketing 20 key statistics, which provide other data that support the benefits of using email marketing as a sales strategy.

There are so many companies using email marketing that there is a wealth of accumulated knowledge of the strategies and the results obtained. By simply reviewing all these statistics, any company can take advantage of that experience to build their own email marketing plan.

What is the ROI of email marketing?

The main reason to use email marketing is the Return of Investment (ROI) it has. The average is 32 Euros, which is extraordinary. A well-thought-out email marketing plan is very cost-effective and also very economical to implement.

Basically, it takes very little money to get started and gives you back 32 euros for every one invested.

When a company's budget is tight and requires a plan that offers advantages at a reasonable price, email marketing cannot be ruled out.

But it must be implemented with a well-thought-out strategy, based on statistics.

What makes email marketing work?

Email marketing is a direct communication between the brand and the customer, so the customer feels important to the brand. The segmentation and personalization options offered by managers reinforce this.

Through segmentation, a campaign can be designed exclusively for customers in a certain city and age range, who have purchased a certain product or any attribute that makes customers part of a privileged group.

For example, an electronics shop can launch a special offer for those who have bought a computer from them in the past and offer them headsets, headsets, printers, webcams, and so on.

Personalization generates engagement, even if the customer knows that it is an automated function, seeing your name in the subject line or in the header creates a psychological effect of closeness.

Another important reason why this tool works is the frequency. The fact of receiving an email on the same day of the week, or with the same frequency, makes it become a routine and after a while, the email is expected and even missed if it does not arrive.

How to implement an email marketing plan that works?

The essential input for an email marketing plan is the contact list. That is, the people who subscribe to your newsletters. The recruitment of subscribers can be a long process and must be permanent.

If the company already has an email list, it must be very careful with its strategy so as not to lose subscribers. Avoid at all costs the marking as spam.

The best strategy for an email marketing plan is that the content is valuable to subscribers, so you must know your customers, know what information they need and what would make them appreciate your messages.

If the emails you send are valuable to the customer, he or she will not hesitate to open them and execute the actions you require. What's more, they will be happy to see them in their inbox. This is followed by a great sales strategy, which capitalizes on the attention gained.

How do you get users to open your messages?

One of the most important statistics in email marketing is the open rate, which is 22.86%. In other words, just around a fifth of commercial emails are opened.

But… How can you improve that number? Easy, with a very attractive subject line and good message quality.

The subject line is the main reason for opening the message for 47% of subscribers. So you have to pay a lot of attention to that sentence.

In terms of message quality, if the person has opened a previous email and found it relevant, they are more likely to open subsequent emails. That's why it's so important that the content has real value for subscribers.

Brand reputation is another very important factor in getting opens. More than 60% of subscribers will open an email if they have a positive perception of the brand.

Final tips

  • Subscribers should join of their own free will, never send emails to people who have not authorized it. This is considered spam and is very counterproductive.
  • Take the time to get to know your customers, get to know their needs, and generate content based on that. Discounts are always welcome, but it can also be courses, information, news, etcetera. It all depends on the company, the customers and many other factors.
  • Don't overload subscribers. The frequency should be such that it does not annoy, and the content should not be too long. It is also not good to fill the message with animations, videos and images, unless it is fully justified. When it comes to newsletter design, less is more.
  • Be honest in your strategy, avoid manipulations or false information in your communications with your subscribers. Remember that the goal is to keep the subscriber on the list in the long term.

If you want to give your online business a new lease of life, email marketing is a great tool. It is very economical and, most importantly, it works.


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