What will be the must-have winter 2022 hairstyle trend according to our beauty gurus?

by Kremy

Every new season has its own stylish hair look. So, what’s new this winter? To be on top of the trend, we’ll reveal the winter 2022 hairstyle to wear over the next few months… and it’s much easier to achieve than you might think. The credo of this season? Less is more! We no longer bet on complicated or eccentric beauty treatments. Instead, we at Deavita prefer simple and chic looks, ready in two minutes flat, like the banana bun! But no, we’re not talking about grandma’s French twist, but about a revised and decidedly more fashionable version that is already on everyone’s mind.

What hairstyle for this winter?

how to adopt winter 2022 hairstyle trendy claw clip banana bun

No more complicated hairstyles! This winter 2023, the banana bun is back, but with a little twist! Still relevant, there remains a simple, but ingenious look that has its little effect. Too formal the banana bun? Think again! Twisted with a giant claw clip, it can be worn loose or in slick bun to highlight your features. The top winter 2022 hairstyle is suitable for both business meetings and festive occasions, such as a wedding, a birthday or a girls’ night out. In addition, the winter weather obliges! Wearing your hair loose is pretty, but it’s also risky for the hair fiber. Why? Wind, rain, cold… here is the winning trio that attacks the mane and makes it more fragile. The conclusion? The banana bun is as chic as it is practical. It is perfect for your style, but also for your hair health!

Brief history of the banana bun, the hairstyle for winter 2022/23

history retro banana bun audrey hepburn hairstyle trends fall winter 2022


A timeless symbol, the bun has survived the time without being outdated. Over the years, it comes and goes. Worn by icons like Audrey Hepburn, Rita Hayworth and Grace Kelly, the French twist adapts and evolves over time. The hair of these iconic women of the 40’s and 50’s is twisted into a banana bun, the ends of which are curled or completely concealed and fixed in the twist for a flawless and distinguished look. Today, it is the favorite hairstyle of the must-have icons of the 50s.

TikTok tutorial: How to make a banana bun with crab claw clips?


@cierramillerr How to claw clip with long hair 🤍 #clawclip #hair #hairtok #fyp #clips ♬ original sound – Peach Girl

As with any hairstyle that’s a bit overworked, proper hair preparation is necessary. For this purpose, it is better to your hair well-washed the day before, but not on the same day. When it is clean, the mane slips and lasts less. If you’ve just washed yours, there’s a way to get it dirty using texturizing powder, styling mousse, or homemade dry shampoo.

Once well textured, bring your hair to the side and hold it, then bring it to the opposite side by twisting it around itself. Finally, secure everything with a large claw clip and some flat hairpins. These accessories are the base of every loose banana bun, as they ensure that it stays in place. If your mane is too long, try to hide the ends by tucking them inside the bun. A few sprays of hairspray and that’s it. For a romantic and falsely neglected look, do not hesitate to let a few strands escape.

What outfit to wear with the winter star hairstyle?

 trendy winter 2022 hairstyle what to wear with hair claw clips

To wear the star hairstyle for winter 2022, don’t hesitate to match the claw clip to your outfit. To the delight of fans of the y2k style, this hair accessory goes perfectly with baggy jeans, a corset top, a white tank top, a knit vest, a woman’s overshirt or even leather pants. Another strong fashion trend of the moment that works well with the claw clip? The schoolgirl style that landed at the start of the school year! Already on all fronts, the school girl look is very noticeable. On the catwalks as in the street, we will see an avalanche of pleated skirts, checked cardigans, white socks, oversized blazers, ties and other essential pieces of the preppy wardrobe.

The banana bun: yes or no? The editorial’s opinion

what trend hairstyle winter 2023 easy claw clip banana bun

The banana bun is undoubtedly the most chic winter 2022 hairstyle. We at Deavita prefer it loose during the weekends and slick bun style for a modern and elegant look at the office during the week. The must to master the trend? A pretty golden or tortoiseshell claw clip, retro glasses and flashy earrings.

Loose banana bun with side highlights

how to do loose banana bun with hair claw clips

Loose banana bun on curly hair

winter 2023 hairstyle trend banana bun on curly hair claw clip

Black Outfit and Claw clip

outfit idea claw clip hairstyle loose banana bun

Chic hairstyle with claw clip, XL glasses and imposing earrings

how to wear hair claw clips trendy accessory winter 2022

Loose Bun with Black Claw Clip and Matching Glasses

claw clip hairstyles trend winter 2022

Banana bun with loose strands, white tank top and black XL blazer

how to wear claw clip which hairstyle trend winter 2023

Banana bun with claw clip for a wedding

banana bun with claw clip trendy hairstyle winter 2022

Revised banana bun for women over 50

hairstyle women 50 years old claw clip banana bun

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