15 Santa Cecilia granite countertops in fabulous kitchens


Santa Cecilia granite countertops are amongst the most popular granite countertops. Santa Cecilia granite is easy to install durable, dense and incredibly hard.


The granite is also known as Giallo Santa Cecilia Granite and the name describes the color of the stone. The Italian word “giallo” means yellow and that is the base color of Santa Cecilia – golden-yellow.

Santa Cecilia granite countertops pros


Due to the great durability Santa Cecilia granite is recommended for all indoor and outdoor projects. It is suitable for countertops, landscape features as well as flooring. The speckled pattern of Santa Cecilia granite comes in a number of different variations.


Besides the most popular golden-yellow color you can also find it in gray, light creamy, ivory, burgundy shades, depending on the color of the speckles. Santa Cecilia granite countertops are especially design friendly and can be combined with different colors and types of cabinetry.


Santa Cecilia granite is perfect for kitchens as the elegance of the stone immediately gives the space a refined, and sophisticated look of a modern Italian kitchen design. A polished finish provides a shiny and glossy surface and is the most popular finish for countertops in general. The honed finish provides a matte appearance which is also incredibly stylish.

 Santa Cecilia granite countertops maintenance


Different types of granite have different levels of porosity. Yes, all granites are very hard, but this does not mean that it does not require regular maintenance.


Santa Cecilia is in the group of the relatively porous types of stone and would need sealing every few years but as far as daily maintenance is concerned, wiping it with a damp cloth would be about as much as you need to so.


Remember that only diamond is harder than granite, so your Santa Cecilia granite countertops will be resistant to scratches, high temperature, antibacterial and perfectly safe.


Santa Cecilia granite countertops white cabinets hardwood floor





dream-kitchens-dark-cabinetsSanta-Cecilia-granite-countertops-recessed lights


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