Peterboro baskets – hand crafted baskets of highest quality

by Kremy

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Peterboro baskets have been on the market for more than 150 years. Peterboro Basket Company manufactures hand crafted baskets and if anyone knows anything about a high quality basket – that would be this family operated company.



Peterboro baskets are made of white ash harvested in Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont. The variety of models is enormous and if you are searching for the perfect housewarming gift or for the perfect picnic or bicycle basket, no doubt, this should be your choice!

Peterboro baskets – functional and beautiful home accessories

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Peterboro baskets are offered in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Among the most popular products are the picnic baskets. They are not only looking beautiful and elegant but will meet your requirements for a modern time picnic and you will be sure that your beverage will be transported and kept in the right temperature. Peterboro picnic baskets are offered with cooler inserts plastic protectors, accessories, etc.


Storage baskets feature various shapes. You could use them as storage baskets which slide under the bed, you could use them in your pantry as pantry organizers, on the shelves or on the countertops and you will definitely have a stylish and elegant storage solution in your home.

Hand crafted baskets – classic and stylish accessory for your bicycle



Peterboro baskets feature not only picnic, storage, laundry, countertop or office baskets. One of the most popular items in the product range of the company is the bicycle basket. Durable, elegant and classically styled a Peterboro bicycle basket is the perfect one for everyone. It holds up to 70 pounds and is equipped with leather straps so that you can easily attach the basket to your handle bars.

classic-picnic-basket-by-Peterboro elegant picnic basket






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