Step stool ideas for toddlers and adults

by Kremy

best step stool for toddlers ideas guide

A step stool is very important for young children. It is a helpful piece of furniture for adults too and the quickest way to reach the top shelves in the kitchen, pantry or closet. Stepping stools are offered in a wide variety of styles and designs and you can opt for a simple wooden stool, personalized models, or make it a DIY project for the weekend.

kids stools ideas kitchen stool table


The step stool is a necessity for every child. It allows kids to have access to places that are unreachable to them – the sink in the bathroom, the kitchen counter or the toy shelves. When you choose a kids’ stool the first and obviously, most important thing you need to consider is safety so that you prevent the possibility of injuries or accidental falling. Stability is just as important as the material of the stool. It should be light enough so that the child can move it and at the same time strong enough to support its weight. There are many options that you can choose from – built in vanity stools which kids can pull out, wooden stools with one or two steps or plastic stools which are very light in weight. If you need a stepping stool for the kids’ room, try to find one which can be a part of the decoration and a toy at the same time. A small stool can be a tea table for the dolls or a garage for all the cars.

Contemporary closet small step stool

There is a big difference between a ladder and a step stool. Everyone of us has experienced the need to step on something in order to reach high shelves or higher cabinets in the bedroom or in the kitchen. Sometimes it is it too risky to step on a chair and very seldom we keep a ladder in the kitchen or in the closet. Having a stepping stool is a wonderful solution because there is no need to carry around a heavy dining chair. Contemporary designs offer folding stools made of wood, or wood and metal and they are absolutely functional. When you do not use them they can be neatly stored behind a door or in a cabinet.


wood stool kids furniture kitchen stool

best kids step stools ideas DIY decoration


wooden step stools for kids batrhroom stool ideas

bathroom step stool with storage for kids green pink

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pull out bathroom step stool for kids

DIY step stool with storage space bathroom stool

Original step stool with storage space DIY

Kitchen stool kids stool ideas 2 step wooden stool

kitchen step stools with backreast kids stools ideas

kitchen 3 step stool for kids backrest

hardwood stool kids room furniture ideas

folding plastic step stool space saving furniture ideas

folding 3 step stool wood home furniture ideas

folding step stool kitchen stool ideas

step stool for kids diy 2 steps stool

DIY kids stool ideas bathroom stools for kids

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Closet furniture ideas stools for adults

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