Kids room ideas that inspire the imagination

by Kremy

kids room ideas design bright colors

Designing a room for your dear kids can be so much fun! If you are searching for a clever kids room ideas, you can also save much needed peace and quiet while they play in a perfect bedroom or playroom. Contemporary designers create children’s rooms ideas, which are based on an inspiring variety of exciting topics. Here are just a few of the best for your enjoyment and motivation.

Kids room ideas – bunk beds

kids bedroom design two story


All kids room ideas must include certain things so that they work well. They must be fun and should be as large as possible. They must also be bright, airy, fresh and clean. Also important is that they are easy to arrange and organize. Floor is more than often the most important playground. Your kids want to play with their toys and use the floor as a landscape for their imagination. When they are finished, the floor can end up looking like a demolition site, rather than an ideal home. The solution is to build a lot of storage units in the available space. You need to have boxes, cabinets and drawers so that everything can be wiped away from the eyes. If the the storage place is enough and accessible, your children will be encouraged to clean up themselves.

 Blue kids rooms ideas

teen room design white blue

Ideally, the color scheme for the kids room should be bright and cheerful. Dark gloomy interiors are not the first choice for a kids room. Maybe you are using an exciting topic or some other interesting kids room ideas with pictures or a mural. Maybe a jungle theme, or a fantasy landscape, or even a marine theme, would be a very special feature in the room. Huge photo wallpapers are available to make this task very easy. Whether you choose a particular topic or a more flexible color scheme, look for ways to do this in such a way so that to coordinate with the furniture and accessories. Uncoordinated children’s rooms look cluttered and messy, even before your kids begin playing.

Africa theme

ideas jungle theme

Children are often playing on the furniture in the kids room and jump on it, and for this reason must be robust. In this connection, select fabric covers that are easy to change and wash from sticky fingerprints, juice spills, color spots etc. Flexible furniture such as storage or bunk beds will help you to make the most of the space. The latter is perfect for fun “nights” or even “pajamas parties”.

 Colorful palette ideas

colorful childrens design


Aircraft decoration

ideas design aircraft

Space design scheme

teen room design universe science

 Interesting idea for a compact teen bedroom

teen room design idea minimalist style

 Minimalism in the children’s room

minimalist teen bedroom design

 Wall decoration

design double beds

 Children’s rooms ideas by Ikea

kids room design ideas Ikea

ikea design double beds ideas



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