24/7 Billiards Table by Porsche Design

by Kremy

247 Billiard Table Porsche Design conjoined legs

What would be your first thought when it comes to a billiards table? Something heavy and massive. Well, think again! The new 24/7 Billiards Table by Porsche Design is a top top-of-the-line design and changes our perceptions completely.

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247 Billiards table Porsche Design minimalist design


This new concept for a 24/7 Billiards Table is created to ensure functionality as well as shape and structure. The design is quite futuristic in appearance, with very clear, distinct lines and has nothing to do with the usually bulky tables that everyone is familiar with and used to. The Table has a modern minimalistic and an aesthetic appeal. The philosophy of the folks in Porsche Design team and the idea to incorporate clean lines into shape and function is giving fantastic results. The design is precise, the lines of 24/7 Billiards Table are dynamic and despite of the minimalist appearance the table will meet the highest demands.

247 billiards Table Porsche Design functional design

Created for people who demand the very best in aesthetics and function this billiard table is hand made in Austria. The materials are tulip-wood and aluminium which has a lacquer finish. The dimensions of the table are 254 cm x 142 cm x 83 cm and it weight about 290 kilos. This futuristic silver table comes with a velvet felt bed cloth. The ends of the table have conjoined legs. Each table has leather pockets, superior quality SIMONIS (customized colour choice), a professional three-part slate and optimal quality rubber cushions. The table will come with full equipments – a triangle, a ball set (ARAMITH), a cue rack, a bridge stick and two premium cues as per the the table.

247 Billiards Porsche futuristic vision

247 Billiards Porsche smooth lines

247 Billiards Porsche velvet felt cloth

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