Interior design – A high-tech style interior

by Kremy


If we have to point out the most up-to-date interior design style, it would be the high-tech style. Characteristic for this style is that all elements are designed to be functional. It has a connection with the industrial style, thus bringing its characteristic specifications, among which is the lack of decoration. It’s compensated by the shining glass, chrome and metal surfaces. Another feature of this design style is open constructions, using metal, glass and concrete. An appropriate designer decision for large spaces is division into functional zones with the help of light-barriers, glass doors or sliding doors.

High-tech style in kitchen design



The choice of furniture should be in compliance with the spaces. Soft furniture with simple geometric shapes and single colour materials is appropriate. A colour splash, which would serve as an accent element, can be created with the help of a brightly coloured sofa, for instance red, which can lighten up the general background. The bright accent should be just a single one. A modular sofa can be used, which would change its shape, and possibly a different combination can be created, if the modules are in different colours. Suitable interior elements are a table with a glass desktop, chairs with metal legs and back, coffee tables on wheels and modern glass book shelves.

Futuristic high-tech style in the interior design


Smooth, light and walls in uniform color are a must for the high-tech style. The most common colours are white, light gray and sandy. Since the minimalist spirit is the basis of the style, the walls shouldn’t be decorated. Still, contemporary art photographs in metal frames or abstract paintings would fit well with this style. The floor covering should be either a single-coloured carpet, or a wall-carpet. Floor coverings from synthetic leather with leopard stripes are an interesting solution. They can be combined with furniture coverings, which have the same pattern.

High tech dining room furniture design


The lighting for this kind of interior is of great importance. Most appropriate are built in pendant light fittings in combination with small hanging halogen lamps, possibly at a different height. A main requirement is simplicity of shapes. A good idea is a hung ceiling chandelier with halogen lamps spread on its surface – they would give cosiness and charm to the interior design. A stylish aquarium with exotic fish is a perfect decoration, which would give the general interior configuration an aesthetic high-tech  appearancek.

Text by B. Angelov

High-tech home interior design



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