Activated Charcoal: Any Cons? Why This “Magical” Remedy Deserves Adding in First Aid Kit?

by Snezhana Besarabova

Derived from burnt nutshells or wood, activated charcoal shows unique reactivity in deactivating harmful substances. A range of valuable qualities, which make it a powerful detoxifier and purifier. How to take it as a relief to stomach-related and other health issues? Can you ingest it daily? Read the answers!

What are the Benefits of Taking Activated Charcoal?

activated charcoal for digestive issues reliever

Activated charcoal is a porous form of carbon element, which makes it a high-efficient adsorbent. It has gained great popularity for its diverse applications, mostly in healthcare, beauty, and housekeeping. This black natural substance is famous for its ability to alleviate discomforts in the digestive system. When you take it, this substance easily sticks to toxins, which stops their absorption in intestines and getting into the blood. These qualities make it a valuable remedy to ease conditions like indigestion, gas, and bloating. Moreover, this priceless substance is used in healing diarrhea, caused by bacterial infections and harmful substances. What’s more, it is beneficial in curing certain types of poisoning and drug overdoses when taken immediately. But, before using it as a first-aid remedy, it’s important to consult a healthcare professional.

What Toxins Does Activated Charcoal Remove?

activated charcoal useful for health care and odor removal


The absorptive qualities of this black natural substance enable it to “catch” and deactivate a wide range of toxins and harmful chemicals:

  1. Pollutants and heavy metals: Activated charcoal can absorb environmental pollutants, chemicals produced by industry, heavy metals, which enter our bodies through impurities in your food or water.
  2. Drug overdose: In cases of overdosed medications or ingestion of wrong drugs, the “magical” black substance can prevent their absorption in intestines and stop from entering the blood.
  3. Alcohol intoxication: It successfully reduces alcohol absorption in case it’s taken promptly after alcohol consumption.
  4. Bacterial infections toxins: Some bacterial infections are accompanied by produced toxins in the digestive system. Activated charcoal is helpful in their deactivation and in recovery after infection.

Can I Take Charcoal Every Day? Side Effects?

activated charcoal can i use it every day be careful

It’s evident that this excellent natural black substance offer numerous benefits, though you should use it with some caution. Ingesting it day after day for an extended period is not a good practice. Because charcoal’s molecules may adsorb also nutrients and medications in the digestive tract, lowering the levels of their effectiveness. So, its prolonged use may cause side effects like nausea and constipation. It should be noted that, peoples with health conditions like chronic digestive problems or gastrointestinal blockages, should not take it regularly, as it may exacerbate their issue. If you wish to ingest these remedy on a daily basis, it is recommendable to ask a healthcare professional, which is particularly important in case you are taking medications or have the noted health conditions.

Using Activated Charcoal for Odor Removal

activated charcoal benefits for stomach absorb smells in fridge

Activated charcoal’s capability to neutralize odors makes it an ideal no harmful deodorizer for absorbing bad smells in a number of settings:

  • Closets and shoes smells: Sachets or pouches with this active substance can be placed in shoes and closets to absorb odors and moisture, which is helpful in preventing from fungi and bacterial contamination.
  • Pet bedding: It’s good to sprinkle with activated charcoal on pet bedding or in pet areas to combat your furry friend’s odors efficiently.
  • Refrigerator odors: A bowl full of this black substance, placed in the refrigerator, is useful in neutralizing bad odors, keeping your food fresh and free from unpleasant smelling.

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Does Activated Charcoal Whiten Teeth?

does activated charcoal whiten teeth

This porous black remedy has a fame as a natural whitening ingredient in some toothpastes. Its absorptive properties are believed to help in cleaning stains from the teeth, restoring their whiteness and bright smile. However, the data supporting its efficacy in this sphere are tentative, and there is still a discussion on its effects on enamel and gum condition in the long run. If you want to opt with activated charcoal for teeth whitening, apply it sparingly and carefully, as prolonged use or too much scrubbing with the toothbrush are potentially able to damage the enamel. Ask your dentist for professional advice on restoring teeth whiteness with a proved in safety method.

How Can You Use Activated Charcoal As a Gardener’s Helper?

benefits of taking activated charcoal useful for your plants' health

Apart from activated charcoal’s benefits and applications as a human health remedy, and in household care, it can also be a gardener’s helper:

Soil amendment: Mixing the porous black substance into the soil is helpful in improving its texture, absorption of nutrients, water retention, as well as healthier plant’s condition.
Water purifier: Passing water through a layer of activated charcoal placed in a porous container is useful in removing impurities and harmful elements. It can be used as a safer water for plants.
Compost odor absorber: Adding activated charcoal to composters will reduce bad smells and fasten the composting process.

best activated charcoal for odor removal beneficial with its porous structure

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