10 Anti-Aging Short Haircuts for Women Over 60 & 3 Hairstyles to AVOID That Make You Look Older!

by Stephanie Yankova

“Should I go for the big chop?” – the one decision every woman has hesitated about at least once in her life! If you’re an older woman you’ll be delighted to find out that the right short haircut can take off at least 10 years off your appearance right away! What hairdo would suit you best? What are the hairstyles you should avoid at all costs? In this article, you’ll find some of the most fabulous anti-aging short haircuts for women over 60 and the 3 worst chops that make you look older! 

long pixie fade haircut women over 60 anti aging hair trends 60

What Haircuts Should Older Women Avoid?

The 3 main factors you should take into consideration when getting a haircut are:

  • face shape
  • hair texture
  • the amount of time you are willing to put into maintaining your haircut

A common sign of aging that a lot of women experience is hair thinning or hair loss. Any sort of hair dye job that requires frequent maintenance is advised against, or it may result in further damage to the hair follicle. Unless you are willing to invest a lot of time, energy, and resources into the upkeep of your hairdo, it should allow for low-maintenance wear. Here are the haircuts you should absolutely avoid in your 60s!

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One Length Super Long Hair

worst haircut women over 60 super long salt and pepper locks


If you have begun to experience hair loss or hair thinning, the worst thing you could do is to wear your hair super long. The longer the hair, the heavier it is, which results in weighing your locks down and making your hair appear flat and unflattering. Unless you have a full head of thick luscious hair or a couple of layers to take away from that weight, this hairstyle is an absolute no-go zone for women in their 60s and above!

A Rounded Bob

rounded layered bob worst haircut women over 60

The rounded bob is one of those hairstyles that just don’t do your face, or your hair any favor. Some may consider it a great hairstyle for mature ladies as it gives you a lot of dimension, and it’s an easy-to-maintain wash-and-go hairdo. Unfortunately, it is also incredibly outdated and will make you appear much older than you actually are!

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Super Short Choppy Pixie

super short choppy pixie worst haircut woman over 60 thin hair

Another haircut that should stay on your blacklist is the super short choppy pixie! For those with thin gray hair, this hairstyle will only draw more attention to any bald spots you may have and make your hair appear even more sparse than it already is. If you still want to go for the big chop, opt for a longer pixie with layers that add volume to the center of your head. This hairstyle is much easier to maintain than you may think, especially when cut by professionals!

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What is a Good Hair Length for a 60-Year-Old Woman?

Short and medium-length haircuts with soft layers are the best haircuts for women in their 60s who want an effortless and low-maintenance look. These lengths are much easier to maintain than long hair, as it requires not only more time but also products, styling, as well as regular upkeep. Having a layered do will help create an illusion of volume and thickness of the hair, which will make your appearance more youthful. Some of the most popular haircuts for older women are:

  • long pixie
  • bixie (a mix between a bob and a pixie haircut)
  • choppy bob
  • long bob with layers
  • shaggy haircut
  • short butterfly haircut
  • long bowl cut

Anti-Aging Short Haircuts for Women Over 60

woman over 60 thin hair short haircut straight long bob side swept bangs

The beauty of hair is that it can completely transform your appearance and impact the way you perceive and carry yourself in the world! When executed with professionalism and attention to detail, short haircuts can be incredibly flattering, especially for older women! Get inspired for your next appointment with our selection of rejuvenating short chops that will make you fall in love with yourself all over again!

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Side-Parted Salt and Paper Sleek Bob 

salt and pepper sleek bob side parting 2023 trendy short haircuts women over 60

Modern Curly and Voluminous Long Bob with Face-Framing Bangs

curly voluminous long bob modern short haircuts women over 60

Anti-Aging Wavy Layered Bob with Side Bangs 

wavy layered lob side bangs modern anti aging short haircut women over 60.jpg

Edgy Asymmetrical Long Pixie Cut 

edgy asymmetrical long pixie 2023 short haircut trends women over 60

Layered A-Line Bob with Long Choppy Bangs

layered a line bob choppy long bangs anti aging short haircut women over 60

Salt and Pepper Short Curly Bob with Side-Swept Bangs

anti aging haircut woman over 60 short curly bob

Modern Wispy Bixie for Women Over 60

salt and pepper wispy bixie trendy haircut women over 60

Messy Pixie Haircut for Women Over 60 with Glasses 

messy pixie haircut glasses short hairstyle women over 60

Trendy Long Straight Bob with Blunt Bags with a Rejuvenating Effect 

long straight bob blunt bangs anti aging haircut women over 60 short hair trends 2023

Soft Angled Bob with Side-Swept Choppy Bangs and Subtle Waves 

soft angled bob bangs anti aging short haircut women over 60 2023

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