Balcony design with wooden tiles – quick tutorial and tips

Written by Kremena Ruseva

Balcony design wooden tile Ikea cheap ideas

Wooden tiles on the balcony – and look forward to a natural floor covering. We give you some tips and quick instructions for assembly that will help you with the selection. Check these amazing balcony designs below.

Wood tiles for the balcony design – Ideas and quick tutorial

cozy balcony design folding chairs flowers plants

If you have decided on wooden tiles for the balcony design, you can certainly use some of these ideas. Here are some tips on what you need to purchase – ask the seller if the tiles are suitable for a balcony. Normally, the tiles should be weather resistant to rain and sun. If you opt for exotic wood, the tiles must have a certificate – which proves that they were imported legally. In the market you can find numerous designs – especially important is the installation system. There are two available options – tiles with or without plug-in system. In the first case, the tiles can be installed quickly by beginners, while the second case requires that you have some experience.

Wooden tiles for the balcony design – comfortable and convenient

Balcony design ideas wooden tiles plastic blinds

Before laying the wood tiles on the balcony, make sure that the floor is even. The tiles with click system will be supplied with a plastic base. They can be cut out if needed and can be installed on the existing floor. When you have mastered this task, only the wood tile installation remains. You can still put down a mat on the balcony. We offer you some ideas for balcony design which will show you how a balcony with wood tiles looks.

Tiles with click system can be laid quickly

Wooden Tiles Installation guide step by step

 Even beginners can master the task

Wooden tiles balcony design ideas guide

A rug can protect the tiles

Balcony wooden tiles metal railing

Balcony country-style design – wooden tiles are suitable flooring

Balcony tiles Natural Stone Wall mirror decoration

Wooden tiles from cedar wood

Balcony wooden flooring advantages

Wooden tiles for the balcony – Asian style design

Wooden tiles balcony design ideas guide instructions

The wooden tiles form an interesting zig-zag pattern

Balcony glass railing wooden tiles ground planters

Wood can be combined with numerous materials and furnishings

Wooden flooring balcony design

 Wooden flooring is suitable for balconies

Balcony furniture rattan wooden flooring

Wooden tiles without a click system – leave wide joints because the wood expands

Wooden flooring balcony decoration ideas

 tiles balcony design outdoor furniture




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