An outstanding new bathroom furniture collection – Ergo by Galassia

by Kremy

modern bathroom furniture collection ergo

The latest bathroom furniture collection, presented by Galassia, called Ergo, gives a strong aesthetic emotion and shows how modern life can be linked to Nature. The ceramic elements have round and pure shapes as a the basic human needs. Nevertheless Ergo is designed so ingeniously that it meets every need of our life. The collection, designed by Antonio Pascale is composed of quite a few elements in different ranges– furniture, mirrors, accessories made of Iroko wood, as well as towel racks, hooks, lamps and roll-holders and sanitary ware.

bathroom furniture ergo galassia sink with towel rack


The idea and the inspiration for this immaculate collection is to give a chance to people to feel in harmony with Nature. The whole concept mixes styles in an exciting new way. The bathroom furniture collection reflects the basic principles of Nature and also respects environmental protection in the best possible way.

galassia sink

The white ceramic elements in the collection by Galassia are with round, organic shapes and have pure lines. The rustic styled mirrors, tables, sink combine Iroko wood and ceramics in a most elegant way. The wooden accessories, shaped in the forms of roots or twigs, all made of solid Iroko wood, create a classic feeling of warmth and despite the rustic design they have quite a luxurious touch. The elements combine with each other in harmony and one will feel most comfortable to place them in any modern bathroom.

ergo freestanding sink

ergo galassia hanger

ergo galassia linear towel rod

ergo galassia round towel rod

 galassia small sink


bathroom furniture ergo galassia tall hanger

towel rack

ergo bowl

ergo ceramic




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