15 Christmas tree decorating ideas – Choose your theme and ornaments

by Kremy

 Bright colours Christmas tree

No holiday decoration shall be complete without a Christmas tree. The importance of the tree is so big that we start thinking about its decoration long time before the time has come.Christmas tree decorating ideas are numerous and we shall try to help you with some tips and ideas so that you have a wonderful tree. Blue and silver, golden and white, red and green – do not limit your imagination!

Amazing Little Presents Christmas Tree


As most things in our life, even Christmas decoration has its trends and fashions. In order to avoid unnecessary headaches during holiday times you may find useful to have a peek and decide for yourselves this year’s decoration. Christmas tree decorating ideas may be traditional, unconventional, sometimes even unusual and bizarre but provided that ornaments and colours are used with taste and measure the result will be spectacular. You need to decide what will be your main colour theme and once it is settled the rest is only pleasure and fun.

Christmas character tree Santa

Whatever inspires you is suitable to be used as an ornament for your tree. You can create a whole Christmas village by using an assortment of Christmas tree decorating ornaments. If you or your kids are keen on sports it will be a great idea to decorate your tree with tiny basketballs, or as in one of our suggestions- mittens and skates. Have your tree customized and very personal with framed family photos or create a magical glittering tree with golden ribbons and twinkling lights. And of course if you wanted to make a bright untraditional colourful Christmas tree and give your children enormous smiles – do not be afraid, just use bright colours. Christmas tree decoration ideas below will help your imagination and contribute to the magic of the holiday.

Christmas decorating ideas Blue and Silver

 tree decorating ideas Colorfu Tree art

Christmas decorating ideas Crafty Tree

 tree decorating ideas Blue and White

Christmas in golden ribbons and ornaments

Customized Family Photos Christmas Tree

Glittering golden Tree

Interesting idea Paper Stars Christmas

Red silver and Gold Christmas

Sports fans mittens and skates

Santa's Workshop Christmas theme

Sea theme sparkling starfish

Winter character Frosty the snowman

Wonderful miniature village Christmas theme






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