How to make jolly and beautiful felt Christmas tree ornaments

by Kremy

felt christmas ornaments cutouts of different colours

Who wouldn’t love a home made ornament? Making beautiful felt Christmas tree ornaments is easy, fun and filled with Christmas cheer! And gives you the chance to keep your children busy.

Making felt Christmas tree ornaments

felt Christmas tree ornaments small tree


If you are one with craft abilities then making felt Christmas tree ornaments is just the thing for you. What you will need is felt in different colors, ribbons of different sizes, scissors, needle and thread. You will also need come craft glue, buttons, beads and glitter to decorate the ornament and make it a piece of home-made art. Then you will have a uniquely decorated Christmas tree and not only. These cute ornaments will come handy for decorating the mantel or lamps, chairs and so on. Lets show to the whole family your imagination and fill the house with holiday atmosphere!

Designing your felt Christmas tree ornaments

easy to make felt christmas ornament peppermint

Felt Christmas tree ornaments and Christmas stockings are most popular and easy to craft. But not only. You can create all sorts of toys, snowflakes, flowers, hearts and various other items. You can make little cute animals or snowmen. An assortment of colours will give you a whole collection of felt ornaments and you can use them for chair decoration, table decoration or even as little gifts for your Christmas visitors. You do not need to be an expert designer or have perfect sewing skills to create ornaments of your own. A few pieces of felt, a few branches and an attached ribbon in any colour will give you wonderful time with your kids while making this jolly Christmas tree decoration.

beautiful christmas felt ornament horse

 Colourful ornaments decorated with little mirrors

Christmas felt ornaments decorated little mirrors


 Cute felt Christmas cutout

Christmas cutout ornament red base

Wonderfully crafted snowflake

diy snowflake

A three layered heart ornament

 three layered heart

A cute little felt penguin

Felt christmas ornament little penguin

A blue felt baby owl

 ornaments baby owl

 Colourful little birds

tree ornaments colorful bird

ornaments shaped as a storybook

 christmas ornaments storybook

Fantastic pendants in white and red

felt chritmas ornaments in white

Easy to make cheery snowmen ornaments

felt ornaments simple snowmen

A flower ornament in red and white

gorgeous flower ornament

 Red and white poinsettias

wonderful felt poinsettia






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