Bathroom light fixtures – 25 contemporary wall and ceiling lamps

by Kremy

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Bathroom light fixtures are of great importance for the good lighting in the bathroom and a part of the ceiling design. The vanity and the sink need sufficient lighting, so you can install wall sconces on either side of the mirror or a single lamp above the mirror as a decorative element. If you have enough space, you can have a beautiful chandelier hanging over the bath. A chandelier would create an elegant atmosphere. In shower areas but we recommend the use of recessed lighting.

bathroom lighting light fixtures wall sconces recessed lighting


There are many daily activities in our bathroom where you need the right lighting. Whether you put your make-up, shave or anything else, lighting is essential. Contemporary bathrooms with 3D tiles offer additional comfort with modern bathroom light fixtures and LED lights that are suitable for lower bathroom ceilings. Of course you can add an accent on one or more objects in the bathroom. It is also lighter and much nicer if you have multiple sources of light – wall sconces, recessed lighting, strip lighting, pendants and chandeliers.

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The right bathroom light fixtures will help you when you want to emphasize the splendor of your bathroom. Many designers believe that this must certainly be the most lit room in the house. After all, regardless of whether it is large or small, a person spends a lot of time here. As practice shows, even if the room has a window, you should not rely solely on daylight. The main rule for the position of light sources is to divide them in three levels –overhead and local. In small bathrooms overhead lighting can be just one lamp while in bigger bathrooms you can use recessed lights and pendants, for example. The local level refers to the mirror and washbasin. A pair of fixtures on both sides of mirror will create a good lighting.

Small bathroom lighting bathroom light fixtures recessed lighting

When choosing the bathroom lightsyou should always remember that functionality is one of the most important characteristics because we want to see ourselves (skin color, make-up) as good as possible, of course. Combined lighting is the best as we use the bathroom for different activities. Safety is absolutely crucial. All the fixtures must be located in such a way so that contact with water is impossible as water is a natural conductor. For example, it is unwise to place sconces above the bathtub, as the contact with hot water may break them. Always choose light fixtures especially designed for bathrooms.

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