BEKANT standing desk by IKEA – ergonomic office furniture design ideas

by Kremy

Bekant standing desk by IKEA sit stand office desk modern office furniture

BEKANT standing desk by IKEA is revolutionary to the way we look at office furniture. Everyone working in an office environment understands the importance of posture both for health and for the productive work. An office desk is an important part of the interior of your workplace, no matter whether you work at home or in corporate premises. The ideal piece must be practical, comfortable, with the correct size for you so that you can work without feeling exhausted in just a couple of hours. In the world of office furniture, the electrically adjustable sit/stand desk by IKEA offers high quality, durability, flexibility and strength.

BEKANT standing desk by IKEA – ergonomic office systems with automatic electronic control

Bekant standing IKEA modern furniture sit stand


Every office worker knows that even the most comfortable work table and ergonomic chair can not save you from the feeling uncomfortable after a long day and even worse, feel a pain in the back. Many people are too busy to take a break or a short walk. BEKANT standing desk by IKEA is a solution to this problem as it allows you to change your position and work alternately in a sitting or standing position due to the fact that the worktop can change its height with a push of a button. Work in a standing position is gaining popularity. The advantage in a standing posture is that when a person is in a standing position large muscle groups are involved and the strain on the back is much less.

BEKANT standing desk by IKEA – an affordable stand up unit

Bekant standing sit stand Bekant modern

Take advantage of the benefits that BEKANT standing desk by IKEA has to offer. You get a stable table with a wear-resistant, large work surface and modern design. You can adjust the height of the desk from 65 to 125 centimeters with the help of the motor mechanism and without any effort. BEKANT system is easily adjusted to meet the requirements of anyone. The key features of BEKANT is the possibility to change the worktop height, create an ergonomic workplace and work in a sitting or standing position. The piece is durable, resistant to stains, practical and the surface is easy to clean. The bureau provides a large working surface and a comfortable distance from the computer monitor. It comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, there’s a wide choice of colors and finishes as well. You can choose from a corner version, 5-sided desk, BEKANT desk sit/stand with screen. The 10 year warranty is an additional advantage which guarantees that your unit will serve you for a long time. Look at the video to see how BEKANT office desk operates.

modern furniture standing

 Bekant standing sit stand

Bekant standing desk sit stand adjustable worktop

ergonomic furniture sit stand

standing by IKEA home office furniture

IKEA contemporary furniture

ergonomic furniture

 IKEA sit standwith small screen

 black office by IKEA sit stand with screen

sit stand with screen Ikea review modern office

 sit stand with screen black modern office furniture


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