Best Smart Home Technology in 2021

by Kremy

Wouldn’t it be super convenient if you could control nearly all the gadgets in your home from the comfort of your sofa? It makes entertainment and security a breeze compared to having to move around to get things done. The following pieces of smart technology offer you just that, the ability to work smarter and not harder.

5 Smart Home Technology Devices for your home

Here are the best smart home tech for 2021:

  • Smart lighting with motion sensor
  • Outdoor/All-weather Security Camera
  • Smart Locks
  • Video Doorbells
  • A Smart Assistant

Continue reading to find out how the above-listed devices are not optional but necessary for any 21st century home.

5 Must-Have Smart Home Technology Devices for your home

the best smart home tech for 2021


Smart lighting with motion sensor

Smart lighting with motion sensor home technology

These are non-negotiable. You need them in your house, at your front door, and in your yard. You do not need to fidget with light switches in the dark, you just walk around your home, and the several motion sensors detect you are walking, and there will be light.

These smart lights are great security assets when used outdoors. The best home security system is one that integrates smart lights in its workings to dissuade would-be burglars from loitering around your property.

Outdoor/All-weather Security Camera

Smart Home Technology Outdoor All weather Security Camera

One of the more common smart home trends that ensure you get the most out of your smart lighting is the use of an outdoor, all-weather security camera. These cameras are durable. They shoot in ultra HD or 4K and can be set up to only start shooting when the outdoor security lights detect motion after curfew. This saves you some money on your electricity bill as the cameras are not rolling 24/7 and ensures you do not run out of media storage if the feed is being saved locally or to the cloud.

Smart Locks

invest in smart locks in your home


It is almost effortless to forget to lock your days after a hectic day’s work. Even more challenging is keeping track of people that come in and leave your premises daily. As a result, it becomes difficult to stay in control of your security. The solution is to invest in smart locks around your home. These locks sync with your mobile and automatically unlock as you approach the door and lock itself after you. You also have the option to provide people that frequent your home with virtual passes. These passes can be timed and expire in a specified period. These smart locks are stylish, offer third-party integration, and put your security in your hands, literally.

Smart home Technology Devices – Video Doorbells

Smart home Technology Devices Video Doorbells

A quality video doorbell lets you see who is at the door from your mobile phone or another smart device. Besides the comfort it affords you, it gives you more security options as you can confirm the identity of whoever is at your door, capture them in crystal HD. A wide viewing angle to ensure nothing is hidden from sight.

A Smart Assistant

controlling smart home devices

A smart assistant ties the individual pieces together. It gives you a hub where you can monitor and control all your tech gizmos at once. They help you set reminders, alarms and ensure your security systems are well integrated with no loopholes. A smart assistant can learn your routine and program your gadgets accordingly, so you do not have to do any heavy lifting yourself.

In conclusion

It is one thing to have the right gadgets. It is another thing to ensure they are set up correctly and properly integrated for optimal results. They might be smart devices, but they need human input from time to time. Who knows, maybe the future of home tech would see us do absolutely nothing while the machines take over.




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