Interior Design Trend 2021-2022: Add Character with Geometric Rugs

by Kremy

Versatile and attractive, geometric rugs are timeless and elegant. They can add a unique touch of sophistication and style to a modern home and it is not a surprise that clear and clean lines are a hot interior design trend for 2021-2022. A rug, decorated with straight, flowing, zigzag lines and simple geometric shapes, allows you to play with both monochrome palette and bright colors. Black and white or colored geometric ornaments are multifunctional, suitable for almost all interior styles.

Interior Design Trend 2021-2022 Add Character with Geometric Rugs

Simplicity, versatility and minimalism are the key trends in modern interior design. Home design projects involve the use of decorative items such as cushions and carpets, since it is these cozy soft items that define the look and atmosphere in each room. Geometric rugs fully correspond to the rhythm of life of a modern person. If you have a room that lacks individuality, you will be amazed how simple lines or geometric patterns instantly refresh and modernize your interior.

Why Choose Geometric Rugs For Your Home?

Why Choose Geometric Rugs For Your Home


Geometric figures are one of the first images that a person begins to distinguish as early as 1.5 years old. Their forms are intuitively simple, understandable, they contain symmetry and harmony. It is not surprising that an adult enjoys looking at objects with elements of geometry as these shapes give a feeling of stability and reliability.

Geometric patterns never go out of fashion. Materials, colors or sizes may change but the simple bold lines will remain attractive and in demand for many years. Diamonds, squares, hexagons, stars, circles and abstract images are more popular today than ever. A contrasting color palette, symmetry of lines and shapes, a whimsical pattern – such models are a stylish accent of a modern interior.

Living Room Carpet Geometric Rugs Ideas

Interior design trend 2021-2022 features geometric rugs blended into a specific theme or style of interior – avant-garde, art deco, pop art, contemporary, Scandinavian, Boho, minimalism, etc. They do not overload the environment, but, on the contrary, become a functional and fashionable decorative element. Such a carpet is an excellent solution for interior renovation!

Stripes as the Main Pattern of Geometric Rugs

Stripes Pattern of Geometric Rugs

Stripes can be safely called a classic. The can have different size – width or length – and alternating multi-colored lines is a technique that designers use to add color accents to the interior of the room. It is a surprising how this primitive pattern makes it easy to highlight any theme of interior design. You just need to choose the right color combination. Of course, speaking about stripes, we need to mention the monochrome palette, especially in the black and white version. In this case, the accent is on the combination of contrasting shades and not on the originality of the pattern.

As we mentioned, geometric patterns are versatile for almost any theme of interior design. For example, using white and blue stripes are the perfect choice for beach style interiors. If you want to emphasize the summer theme, you can choose several shades. Just make sure that the combination of colors works with the overall interior palette and the specific shades for the style. One of the fashionable trends in modern home design is the ombre technique, that is, a smooth change in color nuances.

Rugs with Geometric Patterns – Trendy Interior Design Ideas

Trendy Interior Design Ideas Rugs with Geometric Patterns

Using geometric lines and shapes is the key to managing space. With the help of geometry you can create an illusion of spaciousness in the room, raise the ceiling or move the walls apart. Let’s look at some of the most popular shapes.

Triangles seem to be the simplest geometric shape, but how many wonderful variations can be realized with it! You can play with colors and texture to accent the carpet or opt for a monochrome option that does not attract attention.

Circles and semicircles will enliven any interior. Such a rug will look especially impressive in a nursery or a teenager’s room. A well-chosen rug is a great decorative element in a bedroom, living room, bathroom or hallway.

Geometric rugs with diamond pattern look very dynamic. This beautiful pattern can add a cheerfulness and positive look to even the most boring room, as well as create an accent. The diamond pattern is never boring, but it’s important not to overdo it!

interior design trend 2021 2022 geometric rug with zig zag pattern

Zigzags are similar in their characteristics to the diamond pattern, but this is a more dynamic shape that also includes constant movement. Carpets with zigzags can visually alter – expand or narrow – the dimensions of the room, hiding the imperfections.

The hexagon, is an incredibly popular decor element among designers and decorators. This is not surprising, because this symmetrical figure fits into almost any interior! Hexagons are able to smooth out the harsh corners of a room, adding comfort and coziness to it. A geometric rug with a honeycomb pattern is a good option for interior decoration in Scandinavian and eco-style.


Trendy Interior Design Ideas Abstract Geometric Area Rug

geometric rugs are timeless and elegant

How to use geometric rugs in modern home interiors

interior design trend 2021 2022 geometric rugs

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