Blue kitchen cabinets – eye-catching designs in a variety of styles

by Kremy

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Blue kitchen cabinets can be an amazing focal point. Despite the fact that we are used to see this color in bedroom or living room designs, it is very appropriate for kitchens. Perhaps, the reason for being cautious about choosing blue as a cabinet color is that people are not sure which of its many shades will look best in their home.

Blue is a noble color and you can use it to create a strict and at the same time comfortable atmosphere, a positive, relaxed and cozy interior or even a luxurious kitchen. A harmonious kitchen interior in blue needs careful consideration, you need to plan the right shade based on the overall design concept of the home, the type of illumination – both natural and artificial light, the type of finishes, textures, fabrics, decorative accessories, etc. We shall give you some useful ideas and tips how to create your dream kitchen and make the most of blue color.


Blue kitchen cabinets – styles and options

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As you know, when it comes to planning interior designs, there are no limits to fantasy and creativity. Blue kitchen cabinets can be incorporated in many styles – from modern to rustic, ethnic, industrial, Mediterranean, even minimalism. The number of shades varies from deep and rich to light and bright, so there are numerous options.

You can opt for contemporary cabinets with strict, straight, geometric lines and glossy facades, if you plan a trendy, sleek kitchen which reflects your lifestyle and personality. Stainless steel and aluminum, glass – these materials will complement the modern look of your kitchen.

Matte surfaces are ideal for rustic, Mediterranean or ethnic designs and can be successfully combined with wood surfaces and glazed tiles, wrought iron, brick walls, etc.

Dual color kitchens are another option and most often blue is used for the low set and the upper cabinets are in beige, orange, milky, yellow or other warm tones.

Small accessories of bright color always add depth and your blue kitchen cabinets will not give an impression of cold sterility.

Lighting is essential, especially in kitchens where the cabinetry is in darker and deeper shades of blue. When the kitchen faces south, you can feel free to use any shade since natural light will make the cold tones appear much warmer. However, when the windows face North and natural light is not enough, it is better to use light shades and carefully consider the artificial lighting system. It is best if you use light bulbs with warm light and opt for multi-level lighting – work surface lighting, floor lamps, sconces, spot lights and suspended lighting.

A successful design trick is to use either translucent curtains or none at all to make maximum use of natural light. Forget about thick and dense curtains and window treatment.


Blue kitchen cabinets and successful color combinations


kitchen remodel blue color palette farmhouse sink white countertops

Monochromatic color scheme is not the best option when you design an interior with blue kitchen cabinets. For all its splendor, such a color scheme may look boring. Pairing blue with other equally attractive colors makes kitchen design more attractive, dynamic and vivid.

White and off-white shades like ivory, vanilla, antique white, beige, cream, champagne, etc. are the perfect companion for blue and this is the most popular choice among homeowners. The main reason for the huge popularity of this combination is that the room looks filled with light and appears more spacious. Another great advantage is that these colors look equally good and harmonious in different proportions. A combination with beige is perfect for creating a cozy kitchen. The warmth of the natural shades is ideal for modern traditional or rustic interiors.

Gray is another popular option for harmonious combinations as it belongs to the neutral colors and is a natural companion to both dark and light shades. It is the ideal background when you want your cabinets to stand out and become a focal point in the design of the kitchen.

Blue shades will also perfectly work with green, orange, yellow and all the colors of natural wood.

Blue color is the embodiment of not only the magnificence of ocean, seashore or forest lake, it is a color that affects human psyche and mental health. It relieves stress and you will always feel comfortable in a kitchen with blue cabinets.

Look at the amazing kitchen designs in the gallery below, the variety of style and decor options and see which one is you favorite!


small kitchen design with blue cabinets and white marble backsplash

rustic kitchen decorating ideas blue cabinets open shelves

navy blue kitchen cabinets island with granite countertop

modern kitchen ideas dark blue cabinets marble waterfall countertop

kitchen remodel ideas farmhouse sink wood flooring marble countertops

kitchen remodel ideas blue cabinets white tile backsplash

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kitchen cabinets ideas royal blue gold hardware marble countertop

farmhouse kitchen blue cabinets copper apron sink

contemporary kitchen ideas with blue cabinets and white countertops

contemporary kitchen ideas blue white colors

butlers pantry ideas blue cabinets glass fronts wood countertop

blue white kitchen interior design ideas bar stools

blue kitchens furniture and cabinets ideas wood flooring

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blue kitchen cabinets ideas tile backsplash wood countertop

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