Bonfire ideas – recipes and fun ideas for a lovely night outdoors

by Kremy

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There is nothing better than spending some time outdoors with family and friends. We have collected some useful bonfire ideas which will help you for the decoration, the food and the fun activities for your bonfire party.

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To throw a bonfire party requires a firepit in your backyard, enough chairs for your guests, a big table to seat everyone or a number of smaller tables and some creative buffet table decor ideas. However, if you haven’t got a firepit in the backyard, you can organize a bonfire party on the beach or in the forest.

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Your prime concern has to be safety, especially if kids are around so you have to make sure they will not get hurt or burnt. In case you haven’t got enough roasting forks, twigs will do the trick. Some music will add to the good mood as well and you can organize a dance contest around the fire for all the kids and adults which is one of the great bonfire ideas for fun activities.

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Many people think that bonfire ideas are mostly about food and drinks. They are quite right, of course, but adding some decoration for your bonfire party will make it more pleasant and memorable for you and for your guests. You do not have to spend a fortune on decor, just choose a tablecloth, napkins, colorful straws, make a banner for the garden fence and you are ready to go.

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There is a saying that anything that you can put on a stick is suitable for being barbecued. Marshmallows are a classic among bonfires as food options. Depending on the age of your guests, you can offer more sweets or more meat. For a kid’s birthday party, for example, burgers are a great idea as well as crescent dogs. If you organize a party for adults, all kinds of sausages, bacon, baked potatoes will be most welcome.

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Bonfire party menu ideas how to organize bon fire garden party

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