What Is Cherry French Manicure? Hailey Bieber Is Here with Another Nail Trend!

by Gabby

Oops! She did it again! Hailey Bieber has returned with a new manicure trend that is all over the Internet! Are you a fan of the cute nail designs that you can adapt for Summer 2023? What is a cherry French manicure? What are the top cherry French tip nail designs to try out? 

hailey bieber glazed cherry french manicure 2023

What Is Cherry French Manicure?

As you know already, Hailey Bieber is making a huge buzz on the Internet with her nails (we all remember the donut glazed nails that everyone was trying out). Well, for Summer 2023, her nail artist Zola Ganzorigt created a new version of the famous design – glazed cherry French manicure. What is it exactly? We have the classic French tip nails, but in yellow color and tiny cherries decorating them and complimenting them perfectly. To finish off the cute nail design, you can also see the glazed effect that we all know Hailey loves. Now that people learned about this trend, many artists have adapted it in their own unique way. What are the best cherry French manicure designs for 2023? Let’s focus on that today!

hailey bieber glazed donut cherry french manicure summer 2023


Cherry French Tip Nails Design

cherry french tip nails design 2023

This is for the fans of the classic French manicure, but… with a twist, of course! The nails shape you see is the almond one, which is preferred lately when it comes to French manicure. The tips are made with black and white nail polish, which makes the perfect for every season. Now, the thing that makes this nail design so special and cute are definitely the cherries on top! The cherries are making it appear summerish and fun to wear.

Red French Tip Nails with Cherries: Hailey Bieber Summer 2023 Trend

red french tip nails with cherries summer trends 2023

Have you heard that red nails are the most attractive for men? If you haven’t, check out the Red Nail Theory! For my single ladies that want to impress someone special this season, try the cherry French manicure that says you are cute, but spicy at the same time! The red is not overwhelming, since you see it only as French tips and the cherries are the ideal compliment to the nail design. The shape I would recommend is the ballerina, almond or square.

Micro French Tip Nails with Cherries for Decoration

micro french manicure with cherries cute nails summer 2023

Ladies, I know many of you prefer the clean manicure that doesn’t have any bright colors. You love the minimalism, but want to spice things up for the Summer? I know that you are not ready to make bold decision for your manicure, that’s why we have prepared the micro French tip nails but with cherries this time. You can adapt them on only one of your nails, since you opt for something that is not “too much”.

Piece of advice: Choose a base that has a pink undertone, because it will make the red color of the cherries to pop out and it will make them appear more realistic.

Cherry Blossom French Manicure

cherry blossom french manicure summer nails 2023

If we’re talking about cherries, we can’t help but mention these cherry blossom French nails, which have also become very popular. They are inspired entirely by Japanese culture, as you have heard about the cherry blossom trees there, which are one of the tourist attractions. These delicate blossoms add a lot of tenderness to your manicure and can be paired with French tip nails to create a classy and feminine design.

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Cute Summer Nails 2023: Pink French Manicure with Decoration

cute summer nails 2023 pink french manicure

I love everything pink and girlie! If you are inspired by the Barbiecore trend, then you are going to love these nails! The Barbie movie with Margot Robbie has inspired many of us to start wearing pink again and same goes for our manicure. Pink French tip nails are one of the most popular choices for this season, but how to make them look extra cute? Add cherries for decoration! You can also add hearts, strawberries, kisses, etc. Pink and red are a super trendy color combo that we see in fashion as well. If you have short nails and you want to hop on that trend, try out the squoval nail shape.

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Cherry French Manicure Ideas 2023

classic white french manicure with cherries 2023

Double French Tip Nails in Red and White and Cherry Decoration

double french tip nails with red and white cherries

Blue French Tip Nails with Cherries

blue french tip nails with cherries summer 2023 designs

Almond Shaped French Tip Nails with Cherry Art

almond cherry french manicure with white nail tips

Coffin French Tip Nails in White with Cherries

coffin french tip nails with cherry summer 2023

Pink French Tip Nails with Cherries: Short Squoval Shape

summer cherry french manicure pink nail tips 2023

Yellow French Tips Nails with Cherries and Flowers

yellow french tip nails with cherries decoration almond shape

Cherry French Manicure Summer 2023 Edition

french tip nails with a cherry manicure 2023 summer almond shape

Pink Cherry French Manicure for Summer 2023

round french tip nails pink cherry manicure

Red Cherry French Manicure: Almond Shape

red cherry french manicure nail designs for summer 2023

Short Coffin French Tip Nails with Cherries

short coffin french tip nails with cherries

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